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Mediatized House of Ortenburg
House of Ortenburg
Ortenburg-Neuortenburg was a minor county and Imperial State in present-day Lower Bavaria, Germany. It was located on the lands around Ortenburg Castle, about 10 km (6 mi) west of Passau. Though the Counts of Ortenburg - formerly Ortenberg - emerged in the 12th century as a cadet branch of the Rhenish House of Sponheim (Spanheim) who then ruled over the Duchy of Carinthia, an affiliation with the Carinthian Ortenburger comital family is unverifiable.

The first Count Rapoto I of Ortenburg was mentioned about 1134. Born at Kraiburg, the fourth son of Duke Engelbert II of Carinthia, he retained several Bavarian territories held by the Spanheimer family, while his elder brothers Ulric and Engelbert III succeeded their father in Carinthia and Istria. Rapoto had the Ortenburg Castle erected about 1120 whereafter he began to call himself a Graf von Ortenberg. When his brother Engelbert III died without heirs in 1173 he could unite a significant number of territories under his rule and confirmed his independence when the Bavarian ducal title passed to the House of Wittelsbach in 1180. After Otto VIII of Wittelsbach had assassinated the German king Philip of Swabia in 1208, Rapoto's son Count Rapoto II even held the office of a Count Palatine of Bavaria.


Rapoto's II descendants however soon entered into fierce conflicts with the neighbouring Bishops of Passau and also with the mighty Austrian House of Babenberg. Upon the death of Count Rapoto III in 1248, his territories as well as the office of the Count Palatine again passed to the Wittelsbachs. The Ortenburg territory was further diminished by an ongoing inheritance conflict between Rapoto's III nephew Henry II and his brothers, of which the surviving Count Rapoto IV in 1275 could only retain the lands around Ortenburg Castle. Upon the death of Count Henry IV of Ortenburg in 1395, the county was partitioned into Ortenburg-Neuortenburg and Ortenburg-Dorfbach. The Neuortenburg branch again inherited the Dorfbach county in 1462 following the death of Count Alram II. Meanwhile the county had fallen under the influence of the Wittelsbach Bavaria-Landshut duchy, and also sided with Duke Albert IV of Bavaria-Munich in the 1503 Landshut War of Succession. Since the dynasty of the Counts of Celje had become extinct with the death of Count Ulrich II in 1456, the Ortenburg counts had claimed the Carinthian Grafschaft Ortenburg, but failed to prove any kinship apart from the name similarity.

Under Count Joachim of Ortenburg-Neuortenburg, the state turned to Protestantism in 1563, fiercely opposed by Duke Albert V of Bavaria challenging Ortenburg's Imperial immediacy which however was confirmed by the Imperial Chamber Court in 1573. The county remained a Lutheran enclave within the mainly Catholic Bavarian lands and became a refuge for expellees during the Thirty Years' War. Though deeply in debt after numerous processes against the Wittelsbach dukes, Ortenburg-Neuortenburg retained its independence until in 1805 Count Joseph Charles Leopold finally sold it to Elector Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria. The county was incorporated into the newly established Kingdom of Bavaria in the course of the Empire's dissolution in 1806. 


Counts of Ortenburg

* Rapoto I (1134 - 1186), also Count of Murach from 1163 and Count of Kraiburg from 1173 on
* Rapoto II (1186 - 1231), son, Count of Kraiburg and Count Palatine of Bavaria from 1209 on, jointly with his brother
o Henry I (1186 - 1241), also Count of Murach 1186 - 1238
* Rapoto III (1231 - 1248), son of Rapoto II, Count of Kraiburg, also Count Palatine of Bavaria, died without male heirs
* Henry II (1241 - 1257), son of Henry I
o Gebhard (1238 - 1272), brother, Count of Murach 1238 - 1272, Imperial Count of Ortenburg 1257 - 1275, and
o Rapoto IV, brother, Count of Murach 1238 - 1272, Imperial Count of Ortenburg 1275 - 1296
* Henry III (1297/1321 - 1345), son of Rapoto IV
* Henry IV, son of Henry III (1346 - 1395)


Counts of Ortenburg-Neuortenburg - 1395 - 1806

* George I (1395 - 1422), son of Henry IV
* Henry V (1422 - 1451)
* Sebastian I (1451 - 1495)
* Ulrich II (1495 - 1524)
* Sebastian II (1524 - 1559)
* Joachim (1559 - 1600)
* Henry X (1600 - 1603)
* Frederick Casimir (1603 - 1658)
* George Reinhard (1658 - 1664)
* Christian (1664 - 1684)
* George Philip (1684 - 1702)
* John George (1702 - 1725)
* Charles III (1725 - 1776)
* Charles Albert (1776 - 1787)
* Joseph Charles Leopold (1787 - 1806)


The Titles and Styles of the House
The present members of this family bear the title Graf or Gräfin zu Ortenburg, together with the formal appellation of His or Her Illustrious Highness.

The Genealogy of The House

KARL III Gf zu Ortenburg, Gf u.Hr zu Tambach, Hr zu Birkenfeld, etc (2 Feb 1715-1 Mar 1776); m.16 Oct 1741 Luise Sophie, Wild- und Rheingräfin in Gaugrehweiler (2 Apr 1719-2 Dec 1766)

1a) KARL ALBRECHT Gf zu Ortenburg (30 Jun 1743-Neuburg am Inn 5 Feb 1787); m.8 Oct 1779 Christiane Luise, Wild- und Rheingräfin in Gaugrehweiler (21 Dec 1753-27 Oct 1826)

1b) JOSEPH KARL Leopold Friedrich Ludwig Gf zu Ortenburg, Gf u.Hr zu Tambach, Hr zu Birkenfeld, etc (Ortenburg 30 Aug 1780-Tambach 28 Mar 1831); m.Erbach 6 Oct 1799 Karoline Gfn zu Erbach-Erbach (Erbach 21 Nov 1779-Tambach 6 Dec 1825)

1c) Karoline Luise Charlotte (Regensburg 12 Aug 1800-5 Jan 1801)

2c) FRANZ KARL Rudolf Gf zu Ortenburg (Ortenburg 4 Aug 1801-Tambach 23 Feb 1876); m.Birkenfeld 22 Feb 1841 Julie Karoline Wilhelmine Luise Sophie Frn von Woellwarth-Lauterburg (Stuttgart 20 Dec 1819-Tambach 13 Jan 1883)

1d) FRIEDRICH Carl Hermann Albrecht Gf zu Ortenburg (Tambach 13 Dec 1841-Tambach 25 Feb 1894); m.Thurnau 21 Oct 1874 Caroline Gfn von Giech (Thurnau 22 May 1850-Tambach 28 Nov 1923)

1e) FRANZ CARL Julius Gf zu Ortenburg (Tambach 16 Aug 1875-Coburg 3 Dec 1936); m.Budapest 30 Dec 1924 Ily (Helene) Gfn Semsey de Semse (Semse 16 May 1895-Tambach 16 Oct 1978)

1f) ALRAM Karl Gottfried Hans Ladislaus Gf zu Ortenburg (Budapest 23 Oct 1925-Tambach 6 Aug 2007); m.Tannheim, Württemberg 21 Oct 1954 Agathe Gfn von Schaesberg (Mainz 14 May 1925-Coburg 20 Dec 2011)

1g) Marie-Isabell Ily Ghislaine (b.Bamberg 1 Sep 1955); m.(civ) Weitramsdorf 17 Apr 1978 (rel) Tambach 22 Apr 1978 Antonius Frhr von Salis-Soglio (b.Wimberg 12 Sep 1948)

2g) HEINRICH Franz Josef Georg Maria Gf zu Ortenburg (b.Bamberg 11 Oct 1956); m.1st (civ) Weitramsdorf 21 Sep 1990 (rel) Hechingen 6 Oct 1990 (div 2002) Désirée Pss von Hohenzollern (b.Munich 27 Nov 1963); m.2nd Weitramsdorf 9 Sep 2004 Annette Müller (b.Gießen 16 Sep 1962)

1h) Carl-Theodor Philipp Georg Maria Erbgf zu Ortenburg (b.Lichtenfels 21 Feb 1992)

2h) Frederik Hubertus Ferdinand Maria (b.Lichtenfels 7 Feb 1995)

3h) Carolina Maria Franziska Christina Stephanie (b.Lichtenfels 23 Mar 1997)

3g) Stephanie Hildegard Philippa Maria (b.Bamberg 12 Apr 1958)

4g) Karl Johannes Ghislain Maria (b.Bamberg 17 Jul 1960); m.Coburg 3 Nov 2004 (rel) Tambach 4 Nov 2004 Corinna Stürmer (b.Wiesbaden 17 Jan 1965)

1h) Victor Casimir Aurel Maria (b.London 19 Apr 2005)

2h) Julius Theodor Ulrich Maria (b.London 21 Feb 2007)

2f) Aurel Ladislaus Franz Heinrich Ernst (Budapest 30 Aug 1927-Middachten 13 Oct 2001); m.Middachten 20 Dec 1951 Isabelle Gfn von Bentinck (b.Middachten 3 Jul 1925)

1g) Franz Wilhelm Friedrich Ladislaus (b.Coburg 12 Jun 1953) m.(civ) Wrestedt 3 Jun 1993 (rel) Nettelkamp, Kr Uelzen 5 Jun 1993 Gustava Gfn Grote (b.Bevensen 18 Oct 1955)

1h) Vincent Carl Wilhelm (b.Frankfurt 17 Aug 1995)

2h) Cecil Alexander Aurel (b.Frankfurt 16 Oct 1997)

3h) Caspar Franz Maximilian (b.Frankfurt 16 Jan 2001)

2g) Philipp Wilhelm (b.Bamberg 9 Apr 1955); m.(civ) Maroldsweisach 17 Sep 1988 (rel) Ellecom 1 Oct 1988 Mirjam Kalf (b.Haarlem, Netherlands 16 Mar 1958)

1h) Julia Sophie Rebecca (b.Münster 11 Feb 1991)

2h) Felix Christian David (b.Münster 1 Apr 1992)

3h) Marie-Thérèse Savah (b.Lichtenfels 22 Aug 1994)

4h) Johannes Caspar Daniel (b.Lichtenfels 4 May 1997)

3g) Nadine Marie Elisabeth (b.Bamberg 1 May 1957); m.Ermershausen 27 Jun 1981 Albrecht Gf von Brandenstein-Zeppelin (b.Biberach an der Riß 5 Aug 1950)

3c) Christiane Charlotte Wilhelmine (Ortenburg 18 Aug 1802-Oct 1854); m.Ortenburg 18 Aug 1830 Albrecht Fst zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (Berleburg 12 May 1777-Berleburg 11 Nov 1851)

4c) Friedrich Karl Ludwig (Erbach 14 Jan 1805-Mühlhausen, Thuringia 10 Nov 1860); m.Mühlhausen 10 Sep 1830 Ernestine Rentz (Mühlhausen 9 Dec 1807-Coburg 23 Jan 1891)

1d) Friedrich Albrecht Ludwig Franz (Mühlhausen 3 Oct 1831-Coburg 28 Aug 1904); m.Graz 30 May 1870 Anastasia Fst von Wrede (Cerlenkow, Russia 12 Aug 1840-Wiener Neustadt 28 Dec 1912)

1e) Friedrich Joseph Franz Emanuel (Coburg 23 Jul 1871-Bayerhof 4 Mar 1940); m.Langenzell 26 Jul 1905 Ilka Pss zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg (Langenzell 9 Jan 1887-Schweinfurt 31 Mar 1971)

1f) Alfred Friedrich Franz Otto Hugo Amelung (Berlin 12 May 1906-Schweinfurt 3 Sep 1973); m.Berlin 28 May 1936 Jutta von Lücken (Danzig 21 Jun 1906-Schweinfurt 23 Dec 1991)

1g) Botho Friedrich Leopold Harald Manfred Otto Wolf (b.Würzburg 21 Apr 1937); m.(civ) Bevensen 23 Oct 1970 (rel) Molzen 9 Jan 1971 Ilse Frn von dem Bussche-Haddenhausen (b.Bevensen 16 Apr 1943)

1h) Anna-Madeleine (b.Lübeck 28 Oct 1971); m.(civ) Berlin 13 Dec 1999 (rel) Wülfingshausen 6 May 2000 Herve-Alexander Perrin de Nelle (b.Munich 1 Jul 1971)

2h) Friedrich (b.Oldenburg 11 Jan 1974); m.Schonungen 24 Jun 2005 (rel) Potsdam 27 Aug 2005 Christine Frn v.Wangenheim (b.Köln 11 Sep 1978)

1i) Alexei Friedrich Julius (b.Hannover 3 Dec 2008)

2i) Maximilian Casimir Yorck (b.Hannover 19 Apr 2010)

3h) Christiane (b.Oldenburg 10 Apr 1975); m.Schonungen 16 Sep 2004 (rel) 18 Sep 2004 Fabio Nicolò Drago (b.Palermo 30 Apr 1964)

2g) Engelbert Wilhelm Udo Heinrich (b.Würzburg 11 Mar 1939); m.Montreal 6 Mar 1965 Margot Pöllmann (b.Berlin 5 Aug 1942)

1h) Peter (b.Montreal 1 Mar 1970); m.Oakville, Ontario 24 Jun 2006 Nancy Sladich (b.Oakville 7 Mar 1970)

1i) Charlotte (b.Oakville 29 Jan 2008)

2i) Matthew (b.12 Dec 2009)

3g) Ilka Irmgard Pauline Hanna Lili Harriet (b.Würzburg 29 Jun 1942); m.(civ) Waldsachsen (rel) Schonungen 9 Oct 1971 Johann, Duke of Oldenburg (b.Lensahn 3 Jan 1940)

4g) Joachim Christian Manfred Gustav-Albrecht (b.Würzburg 26 May 1944); m.Bodenwerder (civ) 28 Aug 1970 (rel) 10 Oct 1970 Ilsabe von Brünneck (b.Hamburg 28 Sep 1945)

1h) Moritz Friedrich Carl (b.Bonn 25 May 1975); m.Darmstadt 28 Dec 2002 (rel) 10 May 2003 Regina Frn v.Ledebur (b.Bad Homburg 17 Nov 1975)

1i) Philippa Anastasia Dorothea Cecilia, b.Munich 4 Aug 2005

2i) Donata Ilsabe Alix (b.Munich 17 Aug 2007)

2h) Christian Joachim (b.Bonn 28 May 1977)

3h) Rupprecht Georg Botho Aurel (b.Bonn 23 Nov 1979)

1g) Yvonne Elisabeth Amélie Marie-Luise (b.Würzburg 2 Jan 1948); m.(civ) Parensen, Hannover 27 Jun 1970 (rel) Schonungen am Main 27 Jun 1970 Ludwig von Breitenbuch (b.Ranis, Thuringia 23 Sep 1935)

2f) Aribo (Paris 31 Mar 1908-Kiel 18 May 1934)

3f) Amélie Anastasia Pauline Madeleine Elisabeth (b.Langenzell 19 Dec 1909); m.Bayerhof 10 Apr 1934 Heinrich Gf u.Bggf zu Dohna-Schlobitten (Potsdam 24 Apr 1907-k.a.Maubeuge 22 May 1940)

4f) Pauline Amélie (Bayerhof 3 Dec 1913-Bischofsheim 5 Mar 2002); m.Bayerhof 17 Oct 1935 Christian Pr zur Lippe-Weissenfeld (Döberkitz 12 Aug 1907-Bischofsheim 24 Oct 1996)

5f) Udo-Wilhelm Richard Ernst (Bayerhof 20 May 1915-k.a.Charkow 11 Jun 1942)

6f) Joachim Friedrich-Karl Wendt (Würzburg 10 Oct 1918-k.a.on the Dnieper 1 Sep 1941)

7f) Georg Friedrich Karl (Bayerhof 14 Feb 1922-m.i.a.nr Wolle, Netherlands 30 Jan 1944)

2e) Eberhard (Coburg 12 Oct 1873-Vienna 16 Jul 1944)

5c) Hermann (Tambach 4 Jan 1807-25 Dec 1858)

6c) Charlotte Luise Wilhelmine (Tambach 22 Aug 1810-Berlin 12 Apr 1893); m.Mühlhausen Nov 1836 Karl August Ferdinand von Schimmelmann (Berlin 5 May 1801-Berlin 20 May 1879)

2b) Luise Karoline (15 Jan 1782-15 Dec 1847); m.1st 25 Jan 1804 (div 1811) Christian Friedrich Gf zu Castell-Rüdenhausen; m.2d 1814 Anton Gf von Tauffkirchen (d.Augsburg 1 Oct 1857)

3b) Sophie Marie Wilhelmine (16 Nov 1784-Schloß Kleeberg 31 Jan 1854); m.21 Jun 1802 Leopold Ernst Gf von Tauffkirchen (d.Kleeberg 12 Mar 1860)

4b) Auguste Friederike (22 Apr 1786-8 Oct 1857); m.9 Oct 1806 (div 1824) Karl Alexander Gf von Pückler und Limpurg (d.28 Dec 1843)

2a) Ludwig Emanuel (30 Dec 1744-Ortenburg 20 Nov 1798)

3a) Christian Friedrich (30 Nov 1745-Burghausen 17 Jul 1821); m.morganatically 3 Mar 1778 Johanna Friederike Happe (1746- )

1b) Karl Ludwig (Berlin 20 May 1778-Burghausen 27 Jul 1824); m.21/30 Apr 1816 Rosalie Frn von Reisach (31 May 1793-Burghausen 12 Sep 1828)

1c) Heinrich (Burghausen 27 Jan 1821-Munich 14 Apr 1869); m.Manau 3 Oct 1849 Bertha Frn Truchsess von Wetzhausen (Meiningen 16 Nov 1818-Prien 6 Sep 1876)

1d) Arthur (Bayreuth 21 Jun 1851-Obersteisendorf 4 Aug 1886); m.Stuttgart 8 Oct 1883 Therese Gentner (Laufen 23 Jun 1856-Munich 4 Mar 1928)

1e) Arthur (Obersteisendorf 28 Apr 1886-Munich 19 Mar 1957); m.1st Munich 24 Jul 1919 (div 1922) Sophie Krug (Bayreuth 2 Oct 1900- ); m.2d Munich 16 Jun 1925 Elise Vanhauten (Aachen 10 Mar 1902-16 Nov 1970)

1f) Elisabeth, b.Munich 19 Aug 1919; m.The Hague 30 Aug 1942 Julius Kellner

2f) Gertrud Hildegard (Munich31 Jan 1921-Munich 10 Feb 1921)

3f) Margot (Munich 26 Nov 1925-Munich 12 Jun 1926)

4f) Margot, b.Munich 12 Jan 1927

2e) Josepha (Stuttgart 10 Jan 1885- ); m.Munich 27 Aug 1912 Moritz Büttner (d.Munich 11 Aug 1953)

2b) Franziska (1779/80-Munich 23 Dec 1811); m.Spielberg 26 Nov 1809 Joseph Frhr von Lerchenfeld (d.Munich 28 Mar 1838)

4a) Johann August (18 Nov 1746-14 Apr 1748)

5a) Georg Gustav (5 Feb 1748-18 Jun 1789)

6a) Friedrich Alexander Magnus (21 Jan 1749-14 Mar 1749)

7a) Adolf Ferdinand (13 Oct 1751-Passau 21 Feb 1787)

8a) Wilhelm Leopold (24 Nov 1753-11 Apr 1754)

9a) Johann Rudolf (27 Nov 1756-Ortenburg 7 Sep 1802)

10a) Sophie Caroline (10 Jul 1742-Grehweiler 6 Mar 1749)

11a) Luise Johannette (1 Jan 1750-4 Apr 1783)

12a) Friederike Karoline, a nun in Gandersheim (17 Nov 1752-Jun 1834)

13a) Albertine Wilhelmine (24 Oct 1754-16 Mar 1755)

14a) Christiane Wilhelmine, a nun in Wallenstein (27 Sep 1755-Prague 10 Jun 1812)

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