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Duchy of Anhalt
Herzogtum Anhalt
Anhalt is a historical county (after 1806 duchy) in Germany, locate between the Harz Mountains and the river Elbe in Middle Germany. It now forms part of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. During the 9th century, the area was part of the Duchy of Saxony. In the 12th century, it came under the rule of Esico (died 1059 or 1060). His son was Adalbert II (died 1080) and his grandson Otto the Rich appears to have been the first to assume the title of count of Anhalt. Otto, also known as count of Ballenstedt, was the father of Albert the Bear, count of Anhalt, who conquered the Slavic territory of Brandenburg. When Albert died in 1170, his son Bernhard, who received the title of duke of Saxony in 1180, became count of Anhalt. Bernhard died in 1212, and Anhalt, now separated from Saxony, passed to his son Henry I, who in 1218 took the title of prince and was the real founder of the princely house of Anhalt. Henry I is included among the Minnesingers of Codex Manesse.
On Henry's death in 1252, his three sons partitioned the principality and founded, respectively, the lines of Aschersleben, Bernburg and Zerbst. The family ruling in Aschersleben became extinct in 1315, and this district was subsequently incorporated in the neighboring Bishopric of Halberstadt, thus dividing the territory of Anhalt-Bernburg in two separate pieces. The last prince of the original line of Anhalt-Bernburg died in 1468 and his lands were inherited by the princes of the sole remaining line, that of Anhalt-Zerbst.
The territory belonging to this branch of the family had been divided in 1396, and after the acquisition of Bernburg Prince George I made a further partition of Zerbst (Zerbst and Dessau). Early in the 16th century, however, owing to the death or abdication of several princes, the family had become narrowed down to the two branches of Anhalt-Köthen and Anhalt-Dessau (issued both from Anhalt-Dessau in 1471). Wolfgang of Anhalt, called the Confessor, who became prince of Anhalt- Köthen in 1508, was the second ruler in the world to introduce the Reformation to his country. He was a co-signer of the Augsburg Confession in 1530, and after the Battle of Mühlberg in 1547 was placed under Imperial ban and deprived of his lands by Emperor Charles V.
After the peace of Passau in 1552 he bought back his principality, but as he was childless he surrendered it in 1562 to his kinsmen the princes of Anhalt-Dessau. Ernest I, Prince of Anhalt-Dessau (d. 1516) left three sons, John V, George III, and Joachim, who ruled their lands together for many years, and who favoured the Lutheran doctrine, which thus became dominant in Anhalt. About 1546 the three brothers divided their principality and founded the lines of Zerbst, Plötzkau and Dessau. This division, however, was only temporary, as the acquisition of Köthen, and a series of deaths among the ruling princes, enabled Joachim Ernest, a son of John V, to unite the whole of Anhalt under his rule in 1570.
Joachim Ernest died in 1586, and his five sons ruled the land in common until 1603, when owing to the lack of primogeniture, Anhalt was again divided, and the lines of Dessau, Bernburg, Plötzkau, Zerbst and Köthen were re founded. The principality was ravaged during the Thirty Years' War, and in the earlier part of this struggle Christian I of Anhalt-Bernburg took an important part. In 1635 an arrangement was made by the various princes of Anhalt, which gave a certain authority to the eldest member of the family, who was thus able to represent the principality as a whole. This proceeding was probably due to the necessity of maintaining an appearance of unity in view of the disturbed state of European politics.
In 1665, the branch of Anhalt-Köthen became extinct, and according to a family compact this district was inherited by Lebrecht, Prince of Anhalt-Plötzkau, who surrendered Plötzkau to Bernburg, and took the title of prince of Anhalt-Köthen. In the same year the princes of Anhalt decided that if any branch of the family became extinct its lands should be equally divided between the remaining branches.
This arrangement was carried out after the death of Frederick Augustus, Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst in 1793, and Zerbst was divided between the three remaining princes. During these years the policy of the different princes was marked, perhaps intentionally, by considerable uniformity. Once or twice Calvinism was favoured by a prince, but in general the house was loyal to the doctrines of Martin Luther. The growth of Prussia provided Anhalt with a formidable neighbour, and the long-delayed establishment of primogeniture by all branches of the family prevented further divisions of the principality.
In 1806, Napoleon elevated the remaining states of Anhalt-Bernburg, Anhalt-Dessau and Anhalt-Köthen to duchies; in the meantime, Anhalt-Plötzkau and Anhalt-Zerbst had ceased to exist. These duchies were united again in 1863, due to the extinction of the Köthen and Bernburg lines. The new duchy consisted of two large portions, Eastern and Western Anhalt, separated by the interposition of a part of the Prussian Province of Saxony and of five exclaves surrounded by Prussian territory: Alsleben, Mühlingen, Dornburg, Gödnitz and Tilkerode-Abberode. The eastern and larger portion of the duchy was enclosed by the Prussian government district of Potsdam (in the Prussian province of Brandenburg) and by Magdeburg and Merseburg, belonging to the Prussian province of Saxony. The western or smaller portion, the so-called  Upper Duchy or Ballenstedt, was also enclosed by the two latter districts as well as by the Duchy of Brunswick-Lüneburg.

Along with the fall of all German monarchies, the Duchy of Anhalt came to an end in 1918-19 during the revolution that followed the end of World War I. It was replaced by the Free State of Anhalt within the Weimar Republic. After World War II, the Free State was united with the Prussian parts of Saxony to form Saxony-Anhalt. Subsequently, Saxony-Anhalt was dissolved in 1952, but re-established prior to the German reunification in 1990, since when it has been one of the sixteen (Bundes)länder (states) of Germany.


The House of Ascania

House of Ascania (German: Askanier) was a dynasty of German rulers. 
It was also known as the House of Anhalt, after Anhalt, its longest 
possession. The Ascanians are named after Ascania (or Ascaria) Castle, which is located near and named after Aschersleben. The castle was seat of the County of Ascania, a title that was later subsumed into the  titles of the princes of Anhalt. The earliest known member of the House is Esiko, Count of Ballenstedt. He was first mentioned in 1036, and is assumed to have been a grandson (through his mother) of Odo I, Margrave of the Saxon Ostmark. From Odo, the Ascanians inherited large properties in the Saxon Eastern March.
Esiko's grandson was Otto, Count of Ballenstedt, who died in 1123. By Otto's 
marriage to Eilika, daughter of Magnus, Duke of Saxony, the Ascanians became 
heirs to half of the property of the House of Billung, former dukes of Saxony. Otto's son, Albert the Bear, became, with the help of his mother's inheritance, the first Ascanian duke of Saxony in 1139. But he lost control of Saxony soon to the rival House of Guelph. However, Albert inherited the Margraviate of Brandenburg from its last Wendish ruler, Pribislav, in 1150, and became the first Ascanian margrave. Albert, and his descendants of the House of Ascania, then made considerable progress in Christianizing and Germanizing the lands. As a borderland between German and Slavic cultures, the country was a march. 
In 1237 and 1244 two towns, Cölln and Berlin were founded during the rule of Otto and Johann, grandsons of Margrave Albert the Bear, (later they were unitedinto one city, Berlin). The emblem of the House of Ascania, red eagle and bear, became the heraldric emblems of Berlin. In 1320 the Brandenburg Ascanian line came to an end. After the Emperor had deposed the Guelph rulers of Saxony in 1180, Ascanians returned to rule the Duchy of Saxony, which had been reduced to its eastern half by the Emperor. However, even in eastern Saxony, the Ascanians could establish control only in limited areas, mostly near the River Elbe. In the 13th century, the Principality of Anhalt was split off from the Duchy, and later, the remaining state was split into Saxe-Lauenburg and Saxe-Wittenberg. The Ascanian dynasties in the two Saxon states became extinct in 1689 and in 1422, respectively, but Ascanians continued to rule in the smaller state of Anhalt and its various subdivisions until monarchy was abolished in 1918.

Rulers of Anhalt - Middle Ages

* Esico -1059 - 1060,.......first Count of Anhalt
* Otto..............................Count of Ballenstedt
* Albert the Bear...................................-1170
* Bernhard........................................1170-1212
* Henry I 1212-1252.............(Prince from 1218)
Partitioned between Anhalt-Aschersleben, 
Anhalt-Bernburg, and Anhalt-Zerbst in 1252

Dukes of Anhalt - 1863-1918

* Leopold IV.............1863-1871
* Frederick I............1871-1904
* Frederick II...........1904-1918
* Eduard...........................1918
* Joachim Ernst................1918

Heads of the House of Anhalt since 1918

* Duke Joachim Ernst.......1918-1947
* Prince Friedrich.............1947-1963
* Prince Eduard............1963-present

 The Family Titles and Styles

The present members of this family bear the titles Prince or Princess of Anhalt together with the formal appellation of His or Her Highness, the male members bear the further titles of Duke of Saxony and Graf zu Askanien.
The Genealogy of the Princely and Ducal House

Line One: Anhalt-Dessau
Anhalt-Dessau was a principality and later a duchy located in Germany. It was created in 1396 following the partition of the Principality of Anhalt-Zerbst. The capital of the state was Dessau. Anhalt-Dessau experienced a number of partitions throughout its existence with Anhalt-Köthen being created in 1471. The principality was partitioned for a second time in 1544 with Anhalt-Zerbst, Anhalt-Plötzkau being created. From 1561 until 1603 Anhalt-Dessau was under the rule of the Prince of Anhalt-Zerbst, and in 1603 Anhalt-Dessau was recreated and it was raised to a duchy in 1807. Following the death of the last Duke of Anhalt-Bernburg in 1863 all of the Anhalt lands came under the rule of the Duke of Anhalt-Dessau who then took the new title of Duke of Anhalt for the newly created Duchy of Anhalt. 


Princes of Anhalt-Dessau 1396-1561

  • Sigismund I 1396-1405
  • Waldemar IV 1405-1417 (co-regent)
  • Sigismund II 1405-1452 (co-regent)
  • Albert V 1405-1469 (co-regent)
  • George I 1405-1474
  • Ernest I 1474-1516
  • George II 1474-1509 (co-regent)
  • Sigismund III 1474-1487 (co-regent)
  • Rudolph IV 1474-1510 (co-regent)
  • John V 1516-1544 (co-regent)
  • George III 1516-1544 (co-regent)
  • Joachim I 1516-1561

To Anhalt-Zerbst 1561.


Princes of Anhalt-Dessau 1603-1807

  • John George I 1603-1618
  • John Casimir 1618-1660
  • John George II 1660-1693
    • Henriette Katharina of Orange-Nassau regent 1693-1697
  • Leopold I 1693-1747
  • Leopold II 1747-1751
    • Prince Dietrich regent 1751-1758
  • Leopold III 1751-1807

Raised to Duchy 1807.


Dukes of Anhalt-Dessau 1807-1863

  • Leopold III 1807-1817
  • Leopold IV 1817-1863
Renamed Duchy of Anhalt 1863

LEOPOLD III Friedrich Franz, Fst von Anhalt-Dessau, Duke of Anhalt-Dessau 1807 (Dessau 10 Aug 1740- Luisium bei Dessau 9 Aug 1817); m.Charlottenburg 25 Jul 1767 Luise Henriette Wilhelmine Margravine of Brandenburg-Schwedt (Stolzenberg 24 Sep 1750-Dessau 21 Dec 1811)

1a) Friedrich (Dessau 27 Dec 1769-Dessau 27 May 1814); m.Homburg 12 Jun 1792 Amalie Landgravine of Hesse-Homburg (Homburg 29 Jun 1774-Dessau 3 Feb 1846)

1b) Amalie Auguste (Dessau 18 Aug 1793-Rudolstadt 12 Jun 1854); m.Dessau 15 Apr 1816 Friedrich Günther Fst von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Rudolstadt 6 Nov 1793-Schloß Heidecksburg 28 Jun 1867)

2b) LEOPOLD IV, Duke of Anhalt-Dessau, took the title Duke of Anhalt in 1863 after the extinction of all other lines of the house (Dessau 1 Oct 1794-Dessau 22 May 1871); m.Berlin 18 Apr 1818 Friederike Pss of Prussia (Berlin 30 Sep 1796-Dessau 1 Jan 1850)

1c) Friederike Amalie Auguste (Dessau 28 Nov 1819-Dessau 11 Dec 1822)

2c) Friederike Amalie Agnes (Dessau 24 Jun 1824-Hummelshain 23 Oct 1897); m.Dessau 28 Apr 1853 Duke Ernst I of Saxe-Altenburg (Hildburghausen 16 Sep 1826-Altenburg 7 Feb 1908)

3c) Leopold FRIEDRICH I Franz Nikolaus, Duke of Anhalt (Dessau 29 Apr 1831-Ballenstedt 24 Jan 1904); m.Altenburg 22 Apr 1854 Antoinette Pss of Saxe-Altenburg (Bamberg 17 Apr 1838- Berchtesgaden 13 Oct 1908)

1d) Leopold Friedrich Franz Ernst (Dessau 18 Jul 1855-Cannes 2 Feb 1886); m.Philippsruhe 26 May 1884 Elisabeth, Landgravine of Hesse-Kassel (Copenhagen 13 Jun 1861-Dessau 7 Jan 1955)

1e) Antoinette Anna Alexandra Marie Luise Agnes Elisabeth Auguste Friederike (Schloß Georgium 3 Mar 1885-Dessau 3 Apr 1963); m.Dessau 26 May 1909 Friedrich Pr zu Schaumburg-Lippe (Ratiboritz 30 Jan 1868-Kudowa 12 Dec 1945)

2d) Leopold FRIEDRICH II Eduard Karl Alexander, Duke of Anhalt (Dessau 19 Aug 1856- Schloß Ballenstedt 21 Apr 1918); m.Karlsruhe 2 Jul 1889 Marie Pss of Baden (Baden-Baden 26 Jul 1865-Baden-Baden 29 Nov 1939)

3d) Elisabeth Marie Friederike Amalie Agnes (Wörlitz 7 Sep 1857-Neustrelitz 20 Jul 1933); m.Dessau 17 Apr 1877 Adolf Friedrich V, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Neustrelitz 22 Jul 1848-Berlin 11 Jun 1914)

4d) EDUARD Georg Wilhelm, Duke of Anhalt (Dessau 18 Apr 1861-Berchtesgaden 13 Sep 1918); m.Altenburg 6 Feb 1895 (div 1918) Luise Pss of Saxe-Altenburg (Altenburg 11 Aug 1873-Altenburg 14 Apr 1953)

1e) Friederike Margarete Antoinette Marie Auguste Agnes Therese Elisabeth (Dessau 11 Jan 1896-Dessau 18 Nov 1896)

2e) Leopold Friedrich Moritz Ernst Constantin Aribert Eduard (Dessau 10 Feb 1897- Dessau 26 Dec 1898)

3e) Marie Auguste Antoinette Friederike Alexandra Hilda Luise (Schloß Ballenstedt 10 Jun 1898-Essen 22 May 1983); m.1st Schloß Bellevue bei Berlin 11 Mar 1916 Joachim Pr of Prussia (Berlin 17 Dec 1890-Potsdam 18 Jul 1920); m.2d Berlin-Schöneberg 27 Sep 1926 (div 1935) Johannes-Michael Frhr von Loën (b.Dessau 6 Sep 1902)

4e) JOACHIM ERNST Wilhelm Karl Albrecht Leopold Friedrich Moritz Erdmann, Duke of Anhalt, who abdicated 12 Nov 1918, ending this family's rule (Dessau 11 Jan 1901-d.at Buchenwald, a Russian prisoner 18 Feb 1947); m.1st Schloß Ballenstedt 3 Mar 1927 (div 1929) Elisabeth Strickrodt, cr Gfn von Askanien (Plauen 3 Sep 1903-Berlin-Zehlendorf 5 Jan 1971); m.2d Dessau 15 Oct 1929 Editha Marwitz, by adoption "von Stephani" (Düsseldorf 20 Aug 1905-Garmisch-Partenkirchen 22 Feb 1986)

1f) Marie Antoinette Elisabeth Alexandra Irmgard Edda Charlotte (Schloß Ballenstedt 14 Jul 1930-Hemmingen 22 Mar 1993); m.1st Lahr, Baden 24 May 1957 (div 1968) Karl-Heinz Guttmann (b.Mingstimehlen, Kr. Schloßberg, East Prussia 13 Mar 1911); m.2d Visselhövede 21 Dec 1974 (div 1976) Max Riederer (b.Munich 3 Feb 1917)

2f) Anna-Luise Marie Friederike Elisabeth Alice (Schloß Ballenstedt 26 Mar 1933-Quedlinburg 1 Nov 2003); m.Los Angeles 5 Aug 1966 (div 1970) Thomas Birch (b.New York 27 Sep 1927)

3f) Leopold FRIEDRICH Franz Sieghard Hubertus Erdmann, Duke of Anhalt (Schloß Ballenstedt 11 Apr 1938-k.in car wreck at Munich 9 Oct 1963)

4f) Edda Adelheid Antoinette Emma Elisabeth, b.Schloß Ballenstedt 30 Jan 1940; m.Garmisch-Partenkirchen 20 Dec 1974 Albert Darboven (b.Darmstadt 15 Apr 1936)

5f) EDUARD Julius Ernst August Erdmann, Duke of Anhalt, b.Schloß Ballenstedt 3 Dec 1941; m.(civ) Munich 21 Jul 1980 (rel) St-Scharl 7 Jun 1986 Corinne Krönlein (b.Würzburg 19 Aug 1961)

1g) Juliana Katharina, b.Munich 14 Dec 1980; m.12 Jul 2008 Marc Bernath

2g) Julia Eilika Nicole, b.Munich 1 Jan 1985

3g) Julia Felizitas Leopoldine Friederike Franziska, b.Munich 14 May 1993

5e) Eugen Friedrich Ernst August Heinrich Adolf Aribert (Dessau 17 Apr 1903-La Tour de Peilz 2 Sep 1980); m.Munich 2 Oct 1935 Anastasia Jungmeier (Straubing 25 Jul 1901-Vevey 20 Feb 1970)

1f) Anastasia-Luise Alexandra Elisabeth Jutta Sibylle Marie-Auguste Henriette, b.Regensburg 22 Dec 1940; m.Vevey 23 Jun 1962 Maria Emanuel Pr and Duke of Saxony, Margrave of Meissen (b.31 Jan 1926)

6e) Wolfgang Albrecht Moritz Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst (Schloß Ballenstedt 12 Jul 1912- Dessau 10 Apr 1936)

5d) Aribert Joseph Alexander, Regent of Anhalt for his nephew Joachim Ernst (Wörlitz 18 Jun 1864-Munich 24 Dec 1933); m.Windsor Castle 6 Jul 1891 (div 1900) Marie Louise Pss of Schleswig-Holstein (Cumberland Lodge, Windsor 12 Aug 1872-London 8 Dec 1956)

6d) Alexandra Therese Marie (Dessau 4 Apr 1868-Schwetzingen 26 Aug 1958); m.Dessau 25 Jan 1897 Sizzo Fst von Schwarzburg (Rudolstadt 3 Jun 1860-Groß-Harthau 24 Mar 1926)

4c) Maria Anna (Dessau 14 Sep 1837-Friedrichroda 12 May 1906); m.Berlin 29 Nov 1854 Friedrich Karl Pr of Prussia (Berlin 20 Mar 1828-Schloß Klein-Glienicke 15 Jun 1885)

3b) Georg Bernhard (Dessau 21 Feb 1796-Dresden 16 Oct 1865); m.1st Rudolstadt 6 Aug 1825 Caroline Pss von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Rudolstadt 4 Apr 1804-Rudolstadt 14 Jan 1829); m.2d (morganatically) Dresden 4 Oct 1831 Therese Emma von Erdmannsdorf, cr 1831 Gfn von Reina (Dresden 12 Sep 1807- Mannheim 28 Feb 1848)

1c) Louise (Dessau 22 Jun 1826-Dessau 18 Feb 1900)

2c) Friedrich (Dessau 10 Jun 1828-Dessau 22 Jun 1828)

3c) Franz Gf von Reina (2 Sep 1832-17 Sep 1879)

4c) Mathilde Gfn von Reina (Dessau 7 Oct 1833-8 Feb 1917); m.Dresden 19 May 1859 Otto von Koenneritz (24 Oct 1835-Dresden 27 Nov 1866)

5c) Helene Gfn von Reina, Pss von Anhalt after adoption by her uncle Pr Wilhelm in 1855 (Dessau 1 Mar 1835-Rudolstadt 6 Jun 1860); m.Dresden 7 Aug 1855 Friedrich Günther Fst von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Rudolstadt 6 Nov 1793-Schloß Heidecksburg 28 Jun 1867)

6c) Emma Gfn von Reina (5 Apr 1837-29 Nov 1909)

7c) Maria Gfn von Reina (Dessau 8 May 1839-Mar 1931)

8c) Rudolf Gf von Reina (Florence 23 Oct 1842-16 Feb 1921); m.Dessau 30 Sep 1882 Marie Paris (Mainz 27 Feb 1857-22 Feb 1932)

9c) Karl Gf von Reina (15 May 1844-Dresden 27 May 1900); m.1st Berlin 28 May 1887 (div 1893) Cosima von Mörner (Köslin 20 Jul 1865- Sakrau, Upper Silesia 25 Aug 1936); m.2d 17 Aug 1894 Marie Gfn von der Groeben (23 Jul 1841-29 Dec 1894)

4b) Paul Christian (Dessau 22 Mar 1797-Dessau 4 May 1797)

5b) Luise Friederike (Dessau 1 Mar 1798-Homburg 11 Jun 1858); m.Dessau 12 Feb 1818 Gustav Landgrave of Hesse-Homburg (Homburg 17 Feb 1781-Homburg 8 Sep 1848)

6b) Friedrich August (Dessau 23 Sep 1799-Dessau 4 Dec 1864); m.Schloß Rumpenheim 11 Sep 1832 Marie Landgravine of Hesse-Kassel (Copenhagen 9 May 1814-Schloß Hohenburg 28 Jul 1895)

1c) Adelheid Marie (Dessau 25 Dec 1833-Schloß Königstein 24 Nov 1916); m.Dessau 23 Apr 1851 Adolf, Duke of Nassau, Grand Duke of Luxemburg (Biebrich 24 Jul 1817-Schloß Hohenburg 17 Nov 1905)

2c) Bathildis Amalgunde (Dessau 29 Dec 1837-Schloß Nachod 10 Feb 1902); m.Dessau 30 May 1862 Wilhelm Pr zu Schaumburg-Lippe (Bückeburg 12 Dec 1834-Nachod 4 Apr 1906)
3c) Hilda Charlotte (Dessau 13 Dec 1839-Dessau 22 Dec 1926)

7b) Wilhelm Waldemar (Dessau 29 May 1807-Vienna 8 Oct 1864); m.(morganatically) 9 Jul 1840 Emilie Klausnitzer, cr 1842 Freifrau von Stolzenberg (Dessau 30/31 Jan 1812-Vienna 28 Mar 1888)

2a) [illegitimate by Johanna Eleonore Hoffmeyer (12 Nov 1739-3 May 1816)] Franz Johann Georg, Gf von Waldersee (Dessau 5 Sep 1763-Dessau 30 May 1823); m.Dessau 20 May 1787 Luise Gfn von Anhalt (Halberstadt 30 Sep 1767-Potsdam 4 Apr 1842)

1b) Franz Heinrich Gf von Waldersee (Dessau 25 Apr 1791-Breslau 16 Jan 1873); m.Berlin 27 Dec 1823 Bertha von Hünerbein (Berlin 20 Mar 1799-Posen 24 Jan 1859)

1c) Georg Ernst Franz Heinrich (Berlin 22 Oct 1824-k.a.Le Bourget 30 Oct 1870); m.Pessin 27 Oct 1856 Laura von Knoblauch (Pessin 12 Sep 1836-Potsdam 27 Dec 1904)

1d) Friedrich Wilhelm Franz Georg (Brandenburg an der Havel 1 Sep 1860-Ivenack 7 Sep 1932); m.Ivenack 4 Jul 1883 Elisabeth Frn von Maltzahn (Ivenack 28 Apr 1864-Berlin 9 Mar 1941)

1e) Edelgard (Berlin 16 Jul 1891-Haseldorf 16 Oct 1981); m.Berlin 12 May 1920 Pr Gustav von Schoenaich-Carolath (1894-1975)

2e) Magdalene (Ivenack 9 Feb 1893-Ivenack 6 May 1945); m.Berlin 27 Sep 1913 Albrecht Frhr von Maltzahn Gf von Plessen (d.1945)

2d) Franz Georg Kurt Eduard (Berlin 24 Mar 1862-Waterneverstorff 23 Nov 1927); m.1st Waterneverstorff 13 Oct 1887 Lucie-Henriette Gfn von Holstein (Waterneverstorff 15 Dec 1865-Munich 19 May 1914); m.2d Berchtesgaden 24 Jun 1921 Elsa Haniel (Ruhrort 11 Apr 1871-Berchtesgaden 7 Nov 1955)

1e) Georg Conrad Alfred Hermann Franz (Waterneverstorff 14 Aug 1888-Waterneverstorff 19 Nov 1966); m.Berlin 15 Sep 1917 Izabel von Bülow (Hannover 5 Apr 1893-Malente-Gremsmühlen 17 Sep 1966)

1f) Franz Adolf (Hamburg 24 Jun 1918-k.a.Demyansk 17 Sep 1942

2f) Jürgen (Karlshof 3 Jan 1920-Behrensdorf-Stöfs 21 Apr 2008); m.1st Bonn 27 Oct 1950 (rel) 20 Jan 1951 Gisela Koenig (Köln 19 Jul 1924-Stöfs 21 Sep 1993); m.2nd Plön 28 Feb 1997 Mechtilde Gerken (b.Köln 8 Mar 1950) à issue

3f) Klaus (Karlshof 15 Feb 1923-Preetz 7 Jan 1975); m.Waterneverstorf 16 Sep 1949 Renata Gfn von Bassewitz (Repnitz 17 Nov 1923-Hamburg 10 Dec 1997) à issue

4f) Gabriele, b.Karlshof 6 Jul 1924; m.1st Helmstedt 19 Sep 1953 (div 1955) Johannes Lenz (b.Klanowitz 20 Apr 1927); m.2d Waterneverstorf 8 Dec 1956 Hans-Jürgen Brandt (Hamburg 7 Oct 1918-Berlin 13 Jan 2003)

2e) Alfred (Schwerin 17 Mar 1898-Kiel 28 Oct 1984); m.Berlin 18 Jan 1928 Etta von Le Fort (Altona 22 Nov 1902-Kiel 7 Mar 1978)

3e) Maria Elisabeth (Potsdam 16 Mar 1890-Testorf 2 Jun 1989); m.Waterneverstorf 24 Oct 1913 Ernst von Abercron (Hamburg 30 Mar 1871-Testorf 26 Oct 1949)

4e) Anna-Karoline (Waterneverstorf 17 Sep 1891-Falkenberg 14 Nov 1973); m.Waterneverstorf 24 May 1921 Alfred von Samson-Himmelstjerna (Wolmar 17 Sep 1876-Hamburg 30 Mar 1970)

2c) Eduard (1 Mar 1826-ca 1844)

3c) Friedrich Franz (Berlin 17 Dec 1829-Schwerin 6 Oct 1902); m.Alt-Jeßnitz 19 May 1863 Geraldine Frn von Ende (Dresden 22 Nov 1843-Coswig 20 Jan 1919)

1d) Leopold (Schmiedeberg 4 Mar 1864-Prien am Chiemsee 21 Dec 1950); m.Perleberg 15 Nov 1898 Emilie von Kotze (Schmiedeberg 22 Mar 1872-Potsdam 31 May 1935)

1e) Albrecht (Hühnerland 8 Nov 1900-k.a.ca Feb 1943); m.1st Hannover Jun 1925 (div 1930) Geraldine Büssing; m.2d Hannover 19__ Ellen August (d.Berchtesgaden 21 Feb 1946)

2e) Anna-Luise (Hühnerland 30 Oct 1899-Bad Neuenahr 16 Jul 1985); m.Braunschweig 4 Apr 1925 Eugen Diesel (Paris 3 May 1889-Rosenheim 22 Sep 1970)

3e) Geraldine (Hühnerland 9 Feb 1902-Vienna 21 Nov 1986); m.Klein-Fahner bei Gotha 4 Jan 1934 Thilo von Seebach (Leipzig 30 Jun 1890-Bonn 21 Oct 1966)

4e) Cäcilie (Hühnerland 12 Jun 1903-Schladen 27 Jun 1990); m.Bochum 12 Dec 1931 Axel von Selasin-Selasinsky (Mainz 19 Nov 1904-Frankfurt 7 Oct 1967)

5e) Ruth (Perleberg 3 Nov 1907-Traunreut 19 Jun 1979); m.Berlin 15 Oct 1937 Siegfried von Hinckeldey (Berlin 1 Apr 1892-Happing 10 Feb 1958)

6e) Lucie (Muggerkuhl 26 Mar 1911-Oberstaufen 3 Feb 1985); m.Weißenfels 4 Mar 1940 (div 1950) Egmont von Prittwitz und Gaffron (Berlin 22 Dec 1908-Garmisch-Partenkirchen 23 Nov 1988)

2d) Siegfried (4 Jul 1866-29 Mar 1886)

4c) Alfred (8 Apr 1832-5 Mar 1904); m.Lautenbach 14 Apr 1874 Mary Esther Lee, widow of Friedrich Fst v.Noer (New York 3 Oct 1838-Hannover 4 Jul 1914)

5c) Franz (17 Sep 1835-22 Nov 1903); m.28 May 1872 Helene von Wilamowitz-Möllendorff (15 Jun 1850-17 Sep 1917)

6c) Amelie (Berlin 31 Jan 1828-Breslau 5 Feb 1911); m.Berlin 3 Jan 1850 Woldemar Gf von Pfeil (Gnadenfrei 19 Jan 1815-Pleischwitz 17 Aug 1878)

2b) Eduard (28 Jan 1793-Potsdam 18 Jan 1867); m.Potsdam 22 Jun 1821 Laurette von Alvensleben (Tottenham 7 Sep 1803-Belair nr Vevey 1 Mar 1875)

1c) Paul (3 Sep 1831-14 Jun 1906)

2c) Maria (17 Jun 1824-5 Aug 1856)

3c) Henriette (7 Apr 1826-16 May 1876); m.7 Oct 1858 Heinrich von Hottinger (d.Feb 1876)

4c) Elisabeth (16 Feb 1837-2 Mar 1914); m.28 Oct 1856 Fedor von Rauch (d.15 Jan 1892)

3b) Friedrich Gustav (Dessau 21 Jul 1795-Potsdam 15 Jan 1864); m.Silligsdorf 2 Jul 1823 Ottilie von Wedel (Silligsdorf 27 Jul 1803-Potsdam 1 Sep 1882)

1c) Gustav (6 Feb 1826-18 Apr 1861); m.23 Jul 1854 Anna von Redern (26 Jan 1830-8 Oct 1868)

1d) Ernst (31 Aug 1855-13 Dec 1865)

2d) Albrecht (9 May 1857-28 Feb 1874)

3d) Elisabeth (25 Mar 1860-14 Jan 1931)

2c) Rudolf Karl (Potsdam 15 Nov 1827-d.Altenstadt 11 Aug 1870 of wounds received at Weißenburg); m.Potsdam 29 Sep 1863 Anna von Redern (Wansdorf 26 Jan 1830-Görlitz 8 Oct 1888)

1d) Friedrich Gustav (Potsdam 21 Sep 1864-Sülldorf 23 Oct 1945); m.Zuch 28 Sep 1894 Marie von Gaudecker (Zuch 18 Feb 1869-Waterneverstorf 19 Aug 1946)

1e) Rudolf (6 Dec 1897-k.a.26 May 1917)

2e) Sigrid (Charlottenburg 18 Nov 1895-23 Aug 1976); m.28 Sep 1919 Georg von Heydebrand und der Lasa (d.27 Oct 1964)

3c) Helene (1 Jun 1830-25 Jun 1869); m.2 Apr 1850 Sigismund von Eisenhart-Rothe (d.24 Nov 1886)

4c) Bertha (24 Jun 1833-25 Dec 1884)

4b) Luise, a nun (30 Mar 1788-21 Dec 1880)

5b) Amalie Agnes (25 Jul 1799- )

6b) Marie (11 Jul 1803-18 May 1862); m.29 Mar 1826 Georg Frhr von Gayl (d.29 Nov 1876)

3a) [by Leopoldine Luise, div Schoch] Franz Adolf v.Beringer (Wörlitz 2 Jun 1792-28 Feb 1834); m.Auguste Wilhelmine Roeser (2 Jun 1793-25 Aug 1855)

1b) Wilhelm v.Beringer (Halle 27 Feb 1827-Bromberg 1864); m.Aurora Verhoeffen

1c) Magda v.Beringer (30 Nov 1862-Königsberg after 1927); m.1 Oct 1888 Paul Wolff (d.Berlin 1906)

4a) [by Leopoldine Luise, div Schoch] Wilhelmine Sidonie v.Beringer (Wörlitz 5 Jan 1789-Halle 20 Apr 1860); m.Wörlitz 20 Jun 1815 Wilhelm v.Goerne (d.Zerbst 10 Jul 1857)

5a) [by Leopoldine Luise, div Schoch] Luise Adelheid v.Beringer (Dessau 16 Oct 1790-Halle 5 Jun 1870); m.Wörlitz 19 Aug 1812 Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm Georg v.Glafey (d.Halle 3 Feb 1858)

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