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 File:Wappen Deutsches Reich - Fürstentum Schaumburg-Lippe.png
Principality of Schaumburg-Lippe
Fürstentum Schaumburg-Lippe 
Schaumburg-Lippe was created as a county in 1647, became a principality in 1807, a free state in
1918, and was until 1946 a small state in Germany, located in the present day state of Lower Saxony,
with its capital at Bückeburg. Schaumburg-Lippe was formed as a county in 1647 through the division
of the County of Schaumburg by treaties between the Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, the Landgrave
of Hesse-Kassel and the Count of Lippe. The division occurred because Count Otto V of Holstein-
Schaumburg had died in 1640 leaving no male heir. Initially Schaumburg-Lippe's position
was somewhat precarious: it had to share a wide variety of institutions and facilities with
the County of Schaumburg (which belonged to Hesse-Kassel), including the representative assembly
and the highly productive Bückeberg mines, and the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel retained some
feudal rights over it. It was further threatened by the headstrong policies of ruling Count Friedrich
Christian. To counter these threats, Friedrich's grandson Count Wilhelm (who reigned 1748-1777)
retained a standing army of up to 1000 troops - quite a lot for such a small territory. With
Wilhelm's death in 1777 the junior Schaumburg-Lippe-Alverdissen inherited
the County thereby reuniting Schaumburg-Lippe with Lippe-Alverdissen.

Schaumburg-Lippe was a county until 1807 when it became a principality; from 1871 it was
 a state within the German Empire. In 1913, it was the smallest state in the German Empire
 in terms of population. The capital was Bückeburg, and Stadthagen was the only other town.
Under the constitution of 1868, there was a legislative diet of 15 members, 10 elected by the
 towns and rural districts and 1 each by the nobility, clergy and educated classes, the
remaining 2 nominated by the prince. Schaumburg-Lippe sent one member to the Bundesrat
 (federal council) and one deputy to the Reichstag. It lasted until the end of the German
 monarchies in 1918, when it became a free state as the Free State of Schaumburg-Lippe.
In November 1918, Prince Adolf was the second last reigning German monarch to abdicate.


The Rulers of Schaumburg-Lippe

Counts of Schaumburg-Lippe (1643-1807)

  • Philip I (1643-81)
  • Frederick Christian (1681-1728)
  • Albert Wolfgang (1728-48)
  • William (1748-77)
  • Philip II Ernest (1777-87)
  • George William (1787-1807)


Princes of Schaumburg-Lippe (1807-1918)

  • George William (1807-60)
  • Adolf I (1860-93)
  • George (1893-1911)
  • Adolf II (1911-18)


Heads of the House of Schaumburg-Lippe

  • Adolf II (1918-36)
  • Wolrad (1936-62)
  • Philipp-Ernst (1962-2003)
  • Alexander (2003-present)

Heir: Hereditary Prince Heinrich-Donatus (born 1994)

The Family Titles and Styles

The members of this family bear the title Prince or Princess zu Schaumburg-Lippe,
together with the formal appellation of His or Her Serene Highness, except those
who have been granted the style "Hochfürstlich Durchlaucht", who will be marked
with an HD; these latter are those who spring from House-approved marriages.
File:Wappen Deutsches Reich - Fürstentum Schaumburg-Lippe.png 
 The Genealogy of the Princely House
GEORG Wilhelm Gf zu Schaumburg-Lippe, Fürst zu Schaumburg-Lippe 6 Aug 1806 (Bückeburg
20 Dec 1784-Bückeburg 21 Nov 1860; bur Stadthagen); m.Arolsen 23 Jun 1816 Ida Pss zu
Waldeck u.Pyrmont (Rhoden 26 Sep 1796-Menton 12 Apr 1869; bur Stadthagen)
1a) ADOLF I Georg Fst zu Schaumburg-Lippe (Bückeburg 1 Aug 1817-Bückeburg
8 May 1893; bur Stadthagen); m.Arolsen 25 Oct 1844 Hermine Pss zu Waldeck
u.Pyrmont (Arolsen 29 Sep 1827-Bückeburg 16 Feb 1910; bur Stadthagen)

1b) Hermine (Bückeburg 5 Oct 1845-Regensburg 23 Dec 1930; bur Ludwigsburg
Schloß); m.Bückeburg 16 Feb 1876 Maximilian, Duke of Württemberg
(Schloß Taxis 3 Sep 1828-Regensburg 28 Jul 1888)


2b) Stephan Albrecht GEORG Fst zu Schaumburg-Lippe (Bückeburg 10 Oct
1846-Bückeburg 29 Apr 1911; bur Bückeburg Mausoleum); m.Altenburg 16
Apr 1882 Marie Pss of Saxe-Altenburg (Altenburg 14 Mar 1864-Bückeburg
3 May 1918; bur Bückeburg Mausoleum)


1c) ADOLF II Bernhard Moritz Ernst Waldemar Fst zu Schaumburg-Lippe,
renounced the throne 16 Nov 1918 (Stadthagen 23 Feb 1883-k.in air
crash Zompango, Mexico 26 Mar 1936; bur Bückeburg Mausoleum); m.Berlin
10 Jan 1920 Ellen Bischoff-Korthaus (Munich 6 Nov 1894-k.with her
husband 26 Mar 1936), former wife of Pr Eberwyn zu Bentheim


2c) Moritz Georg (Stadthagen 11 Mar
1884-Breslau 10 Mar 1920; bur Bückeburg)

3c) Wilhelm (Stadthagen 6 Jan 1886-Stadthagen 17
 May 1886; bur Stadthagen, later Bückeburg Mausoleum)


4c) Ernst WOLRAD Fst zu Schaumburg-Lippe (Stadthagen 19 Apr 1887-Hannover
15 Jun 1962; bur Bückeburg Mausoleum); m.(civ) Simbach am Inn 15 Apr 1925
(rel) Schloß Pfaffstadt 16 Apr 1925 Bathildis Pss zu Schaumburg-Lippe
(11 Nov 1903-29 Jun 1983; below)

1d) Albrecht Georg-Wilhelm Eugen Erbprinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe (Schloß
Hagenburg 26 Jan 1926-k.a.Nössige, Saxony 29 Apr 1945; bur there)


2d) Friedrich August PHILIPP-ERNST Wolrad Fst zu Schaumburg-Lippe, HD
(Hagenburg 26 Jul 1928-Bückeburg 28 Aug 2003); m.Bückeburg 3 Oct 1955
Eva-Benita Frn von Tiele-Winckler (Vollratsruhe 18 Nov 1927-8 May 2013)

1e) Adolf Friedrich Georg-Wilhelm Wolrad Hans-Werner
Erbprinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe (Freiburg im Breisgau
14 Jul 1956-nr Sternbergen 31 Jul 1983)


 Photo Sandra Carmen Schuster, Rehlein PhotoDesign, Stuttgart.

2e) Ernst August ALEXANDER CHRISTIAN Viktor Hubert Fst zu Schaumburg-Lippe,
HD (b.Düsseldorf 25 Dec 1958); m.1st Bückeburg 27 Aug 1993 (rel) 29 Aug 1993
(div 2002) Marie Luise Pss zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (b.Stuttgart 25
Sep 1972); m.2nd Bückeburg 28 Jun 2007 (rel) 30 Jun 2007 Nadja Anna Zsoeks
(b.Munich 20 Feb 1975)


1f) 1f) Hereditary Prince Ernst-August Alexander Wilhelm Bernhard
Krafft Heinrich-Donatus, HD (b.Bückeburg 13 May 1994)

2f) Friederike Marie-Caroline Elisabeth Thaddaea
Benita Eleonore Felipa (b.Munich 1 Dec 2008)

3f) Philomena Sylvia Huberta Amelie Juliane
Vera Marie-Anna (b.Munich 10 Jul 2011)

3d) Konstantin Karl-Eduard Ernst-August Stephan Alexander, HD (Hagenburg 22
Dec 1930-16 Apr 2008); m.1st Hannover 28 Dec 1956 Sigrid Knape (Hirschberg
2 Sep 1929-Bielefeld 30 Aug 1997); m.2nd Bielefeld 6 Nov 1998 Petra Maass
(b.Salzkotten 18 Feb 1951)


1e) York Karl-Albrecht Konstantin (b.Bielefeld 4 Jun 1960);
m.Bielefeld 5 Sep 1986 Susanne Seidensticker (Bielefeld 10
Sep 1961-Bielefeld 19 Dec 1992)

1f) Nicolai-York Gerhard Konstantin
(b.San Diego, California 23 Apr 1989)

2e) Tatjana-Sybille Viktoria Juliane
(b.Bielefeld 13 Nov 1962)

3e) Oliver Konstantin Mortimer (b.
[by 2nd wife] Bielefeld 27 Mar 1988)

4d) Elsa Viktoria Luise Marie Barbara Elisabeth Bathildis Wera, HD
(b.Hagenburg 31 Jul 1940); m.1st (civ) Willing bei Bad Aibling 16
Dec 1966 (rel) Bückeburg 30 Jan 1967 Karl-Georg Gf von Stackelberg
(Arensburg 19 Jul 1913-Rosenheim 28 Aug 1980); m.2nd Bückeburg (civ)
27 Jun (rel) 28 Jun 1983 Jürgen von Goerne (Allenstein 12 Feb
1908-Munich 3 Mar 2001)


5c) Stephan Alexander Viktor (Stadthagen 21 Jun 1891-Kempfenhausen am
Starnberger See 20 Feb 1965; bur Bückeburg); m.Rastede 4 Jun 1921 Ingeborg,
Dss of Oldenburg (Oldenburg 20 Jul 1901-Bienebek, Holstein 10 Jan 1996)


1d) Georg-Moritz Friedrich August Otto Christian
(Bückeburg 9 Mar 1924-Wolfratshausen 17 Oct 1970)


2d) Marie-Alix (b.Bückeburg 2 Apr 1923); m.Glücksburg 9 Oct
1947 Peter, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein (Schloß Luisenlund
30 Apr 1922-Bienebek 30 Sep 1980)


6c) Heinrich Konstantin Friedrich Ernst (Bückeburg 25 Sep 1894-Minden 11 Nov
1952; bur Bückeburg Mausoleum); m.(civ) Berlin 30 May 1933 (rel) Sophienreuth
bei Schönwald 10 Jun 1933 Marie-Erika Gfn von Hardenberg (Hofgeismar 10 Feb
1903-Bad Oeynhausen 15 Jul 1964)

1d) Dagmar Marie Elisabeth (HD) (Berlin-Wilmersdorf 18 Feb 1934-24 Dec 2008);
m.1st Kronberg, Taunus 7 May 1956 Christoph Kalau vom Hofe (Schwierse 16 Sep
1931-Caracas 8 Oct 1981); m.2nd Celle 27 Jan 1989 Heinz Heine
(Großlichterfelde 8 Jan 1907-Celle 26 Feb 1991)

7c) Margaretha (Bückeburg 21 Jan 1896-
Bückeburg 22 Jan 1897; bur Bückeburg)


8c) Friedrich Christian Wilhelm Alexander (Bückeburg 5 Jan 1906-Wasserburg am
Inn 20 Sep 1983; bur Bückeburg Mausoleum); m.1st Seeläsgen 25 Sep 1927 Alexandra
Gfn zu Castell-Rüdenhausen (Stein bei Nürnberg 29 Jun 1904-Linz an der Donau 9
Sep 1961; bur Bückeburg Mausoleum); m.2nd Glücksburg (civ) 8 Oct (rel) 15 Oct
1962 Marie Luise Pss of Schleswig-Holstein (Berlin 8 Dec 1908-Wiesbaden 29 Dec
1969; bur Bückeburg Mausoleum); m.3rd Schlangenbad 6 Mar 1971 Hélène Mayr
(Lausanne 12 Mar 1913-Bad Reichenhall 6 Oct 2006; she was born while her mother,
Antonie von Bartolf, was still married to Duke Ludwig Wilhelm in Bavaria)

1d) Marie Elisabeth Hermine Hedwig Bathildis (Göttingen 19
Dec 1928-Nürnberg 4 Dec 1945; bur Bückeburg Mausoleum)


2d) Albrecht-Wolfgang Friedrich Wolrad Ruppert, HD (b.Berlin 5 Aug 1934); m.1st
Salzburg 7 Jan 1961 (div 1962) Catherine Whitenack-Hurt (b.Wilmington, Delaware
13 Dec 1941); m.2nd Linz an der Donau (civ) 6 May 1964 (rel) 8 May 1964 (div
1974) Heidemarie Günther (b.Grundlsee, Austria 31 Aug 1945); m.3rd Linz an der
Donau 16 Jul 1983 Gertrude Friedhuber (b.Linz 5 Nov 1951)

1e) Stephan Wilhelm Ernst (b.Linz 10 Sep 1965); m.1st Gallneukirchen 24 Sep
1988 (div 1989) Andrea Maria Reichl (b.Pasching 9 Jul 1966); m.2nd Linz 31
Aug 2002 Michaela Lasisch (b.Linz 24 Feb 1973)

1f) Raphael Elias (b.Reichenau 5 Apr 1989)

2f) Niklas Georg (b.Linz 20 Aug 2001)

2e) Alexandra Maria Christina (b.Linz 15 Jan 1967); m.New
York 16 Sep 2005 Stephen J. Mallon (b.Aylesbury 2 Aug 1973)

3d) Christine Marie-Luise Auguste Friederike, HD (b.Berlin 16 Oct 1936);
m.Lehenleiten bei Scharnstein, Upper Austria 21 Sep 1958 Albrecht Frhr
von Süsskind-Schwendi (b.Schweinfurt 20 Feb 1937)


9c) Elisabeth Hermine Auguste Viktoria (Bückeburg 31 May 1908-Grünau, Upper Austria
25 Feb 1933; bur there); m.1st Schloß Dwasieden 1 Aug 1928 (annulled 1928) Benvenuto
Hauptmann (1 Jun 1900-Locarno 15 Apr 1965); m.2nd Munich 10 Jan 1930 Johann Frhr
Herring von Frankensdorff (Gmunden 1 Sep 1891-Grünau 25 Mar 1971)

3b) Peter Hermann (Bückeburg 19 May 1848-Achern-
Illenau 29 Dec 1928; bur there, then 1920 Stadthagen)

4b) Emma Friederike Ida (Bückeburg 16 Dec
1850-Bückeburg 25 Nov 1855; bur Stadthagen)


5b) Ida Mathilde Adelheid (Bückeburg 28 Jul 1852-Greiz 28 Sep
1891; bur Greiz); m.Bückeburg 8 Oct 1872 Heinrich XXII Pr Reuss
(Greiz 28 Mar 1846-Greiz 19 Apr 1902)


6b) Otto Heinrich (Bückeburg 23 Sep 1854-Cottbus 18 Aug 1935; bur
Cabel); m.Elsen 28 Nov 1893 Anna von Koppen, cr Gfn von Hagenburg
20 Nov 1893 (St.Goarshausen 3 Feb 1860-Cabel, Lausitz 27 Mar 1932)

1c) Wilhelm Hermann Heinrich Albrecht Otto Gf von Hagenburg (Metz 15 Jan
1895-k.a.Cabel, Lausitz 19 Apr 1945); m.1st Berlin-Steglitz 1920 (div 1928)
Marie Holzfuss (Aalen, Württemberg 11 Nov 1893-16 Mar 1953); m.2nd Darmstadt
10 Nov 1928 Wilhelmine Bisch (Darmstadt 4 Sep 1898-Egelsbach 4 Sep 1975)

1d) Gisela Anna Hermine Edeltraut Gfn von Hagenburg (b.Salzkotten
15 Apr 1930); m.Darmstadt 21 May 1955 Heinrich Silbernagel (b.31
Oct 1925); he took the name "Graf von Hagenburg"

2c) Hermine Franziska Maria Gfn von Hagenburg (Longeville 27 Aug 1898
-Holterhöfe 11 Mar 1963); m.Ringelsbruch 11 May 1920 Felix Frhr von
Quernheim (Vorwerk 29 Apr 1891-Holterhöfe in Willich 13 Aug 1966)

3c) Otto Heinrich Hermann Gottlieb Hubertus Gf von Hagenburg (Longeville,
nr Metz 13 Oct 1901-21 Dec 1993); m.1st Oberkainsbach 27 May 1935 (div 1959)
Gertrud Carnier (b.Seligenstadt 1 Nov 1909); m.2nd Landsberg am Lech 24 Apr
1959 Renate Wackwitz (Tübingen 13 Feb 1927-Wertingen 25 Sep 1981)

1d) Hans Heinrich Gf von Hagenburg
(b.28 Sep 1959)

2d) Sybille Gfn von Hagenburg
(b.4 Apr 1961); m.Franz Meilinger

3d) Pamina Gfn von Hagenburg
(b.30 Mar 1966)

4d) Andreas Gf von Hagenburg
(3 Dec 1967-14 Jul 1968)

7b) Adolf Wilhelm Viktor (Bückeburg 20 Jul 1859-Bonn 9 Jul 1916; bur
Bückeburg Mausoleum); m.Berlin 19 Nov 1890 Viktoria Pss of Prussia
(Neues Palais 12 Apr 1866-Bonn 13 Nov 1929; bur Kronberg)

8b) Emma Elisabeth Bathildis Auguste Agnes (Bückeburg
13 Jul 1865-Bückeburg 27 Sep 1868; bur Stadthagen)


2a) Mathilde Auguste Wilhelmine Karoline (Bückeburg 11 Sep 1818-Carlsruhe,
Silesia 14 Aug 1891; bur there); m.Bückeburg 15 Jul 1843 Eugen, Duke of
Württemberg (Carlsruhe 25 Dec 1820-Carlsruhe 8 Jan 1875)


3a) Adelheid Christine Juliane Charlotte (Bückeburg 9 Mar 1821-Itzehoe 30
Jul 1899; bur Schleswig Dom); m.Bückeburg 16 Oct 1841 (div 1848) Friedrich,
Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (Schleswig 23 Oct 1814-
Luisenlund 27 Nov 1885); remarried Turin 7 May 1854 her first husband

4a) Ernst (Bückeburg 12 Dec 1822-
Bückeburg 2 Apr 1831; bur Stadthagen)

5a) Ida Marie Auguste Friederike (Bückeburg 26
May 1824-Bückeburg 5 Mar 1894; bur Stadthagen)

6a) Emma (Bückeburg 24 Dec 1827-Bückeburg
23 Jan 1828; bur Stadthagen)


7a) Wilhelm Karl August (Bückeburg 12 Dec 1834-Ratiboritz 4 Apr 1906;
bur Nachod); m.Dessau 30 May 1862 Bathildis Pss of Anhalt (Dessau 29
Dec 1837-Nachod 10 Feb 1902; bur Nachod)


1b) Charlotte Marie Ida Luise Hermine Mathilde (Ratiboritz 10 Oct
1864-Schloß Bebenhausen 16 Jul 1946; bur Ludwigsburg); m.Bückeburg
8 Apr 1886 King Wilhelm II of Württemberg (Stuttgart 25 Feb 1848-
Schloß Bebenhausen 2 Oct 1921)

2b) Franz Joseph Leopold Adolf Alexander August Wilhelm
(Ratiboritz 8 Oct 1865-Ratiboritz 4 Sep 1881; bur Nachod)


3b) Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Bruno (Ratiboritz 30 Jan 1868-Kudowa 12
Dec 1945; bur Nachod); m.1st Copenhagen 5 May 1896 Lovisa Pss of
Denmark (Copenhagen 17 Feb 1875-Ratiboritz 4 Apr 1906); m.2nd Dessau
26 May 1909 Antoinette Pss of Anhalt (Schloß Georgium 3 Mar 1885-
Dessau 3 Apr 1963; bur Dessau)


1c) Marie Luise Dagmar Bathildis Charlotte (Ödenburg 10 Feb 1897-Neu-
Fahrland, nr Potsdam 1 Oct 1938); m.Klein-Glienicke 27 Apr 1916 Friedrich
Sigismund Pr of Prussia (Klein-Glienicke 17 Dec 1891-Luzern 6 Jul 1927)


2c) Christian Nikolaus Wilhelm Friedrich Albert Ernst (Ödenburg 20 Feb 1898
-Bückeburg 13 Jul 1974; bur Bückeburg); m.Fredensborg 9 Sep 1937 Feodora Pss
of Denmark (Jægersborghus 3 Jul 1910-Bückeburg 17 Mar 1975; bur Bückeburg)


1d) Wilhelm Friedrich Harald Christian Ernst-August Carl Gustav, HD (b.
Glienicke 19 Aug 1939); m.Munich 14 Dec 1970 (rel) 17 Jan 1971 Ilona Frn
Hentschel von Gilgenheimb (b.Breslau 17 Oct 1940)

1e) Christian Hubertus Clemens-August Friedrich-Sigismund Louis-Ferdinand
Harald, HD (b.Munich 14 Sep 1971); m.24 Jul 2009 (rel) Glücksburg 25 Jul
2009 Lena Giese (b.Eckernförde 3 Apr 1979)

2e) Desirée Alexandra Felicitas Rosemarie Feodora, HD (b.Copenhagen 27 Jun
1974); m.Glesborg 1 Sep 2001 Michael Frederik Iuel (b.Århus 7 Oct 1969)


2d) Waldemar Stephan Ferdinand Wolrad Friedrich Karl, HD (b.Glienicke 19 Dec
1940); m.1st Karlebo 10 Sep 1977 (div 1991) Anne-Lise Johansen (Copenhagen 8
Aug 1946-Dronningmole, Denmark 27 Jul 1994); m.2nd Hamburg 15 May 2001 (div
2002) Karin Grundmann (b.9 Dec 1962); m.3rd Wilhelmshaven 2002 (div 2003) Ruth
Schneidewind (b.4 Aug 1949); m.4th 20 Sep 2008 Dr. Gertraud Antonia (Wagner-Schöppl) 
 Prinzessin zu Schaumburg-Lippe (b.21 Sep 1956)


1e) Eleonore-Christine Eugenie Benita Feodora Maria
Prinzessin zu Schaumburg-Lippe (b.Hörsholm, Denmark 22 Dec 1978)


2e) Mario Max Antonius Adolf Albert Isidor Eduard Oliver  
  Prinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe (born 23 December 1977 at Salzburg, Austria)

3d) Marie-Louise Friederike Cecilie Alexandrine Helena
Bathildis Stephanie, HD (b.Hagenburg 27 Dec 1945)

4d) Harald Christian Leopold Gustav, HD (b.Hagenburg 27 Mar 1948);
m.1st Bückeburg 22 Jul 1976 (div 1980) Petra Wera Kirstein
(b.Heessen 24 Sep 1956); m.2nd Bückeburg 23 Sep 1988 Gabrielle
Hagemann (b.Coesfeld 26 Jul 1962)


3c) Stephanie Alexandra Hermine Thyra Xenia Bathildis Ingeborg (Ödenburg
19 Dec 1899-Burgsteinfurt 2 May 1925; bur Burgsteinfurt); m.Ratiboritz
9 Sep 1921 Viktor Adolf Fst zu Bentheim und Steinfurt (Potsdam 18 Jul
1883-Burgsteinfurt 4 Jun 1961

4c) Leopold Friedrich Alexander Wilhelm Eduard, HD
(Schloß Nachod 21 Feb 1910-Bad Waldsee 25 Jan 2006)

5c) Wilhelm Friedrich Karl Adolf Leopold Hilderich (Ratiboritz
24 Aug 1912-Neubrandenburg 4 Mar 1938; bur Glienicke)

4b) Christian Albrecht Gaetano Karl Wilhelm (Ratiboritz 24 Oct 1869-Linz
25 Dec 1942); m.1st Stuttgart 6 May 1897 Elsa, Dss of Württemberg (Stuttgart
1 Mar 1876-Pfaffstätt 27 May 1936); m.2nd Braunau am Inn 24 Jun 1939
Maria Herget (Prague 26 Jul 1897-Linz 25 Dec 1942


1c) Wilhelm Eugen Georg Konstantin Maximilian (Max) (Wels, Upper Austria
28 Mar 1898-Salzburg 4 Feb 1974); m.Bad Homburg vor der Höhe 9 May 1933
Helga Roderbourg (Köln 24 Feb 1911-New York 9 Jul 2005)

2c) Franz Josef Adolf Ernst (Wels 1 Sep 1899-Kassel 6 Jul 1963); m.Munich
29 Jan 1959 Maria Theresia Peschel (b.Neutitschein, Moravia 29 Jul 1912)

3c) Alexander Ernst Friedrich Albrecht
(Wels 20 Jan 1901-Siedlberg 26 Nov 1923)


4c) Bathildis Wera Thyra Adelheid Hermine Mathilde Mary (Wels
11 Nov 1903-Hagenburg 29 Jun 1983; bur Bückeburg Mausoleum);
m.(civ) Simbach am Inn 15 Apr 1925 (rel) Pfaffstätt 16 Apr
1925 Wolrad Fst zu Schaumburg-Lippe (above)

5b) Maximilian August Jaroslav Adalbert Hermann Georg (Ratiboritz 13
Mar 1871-Abbazia 1 Apr 1904; bur Ludwigsburg); m.Stuttgart 3 Nov
1898 Olga, Dss of Württemberg (Stuttgart 1 Mar 1876-Ludwigsburg
21 Oct 1932; bur Ludwigsburg)


1c) Wilhelm Eugen Georg Friedrich August Albrecht (Ludwigsburg 8 Aug
1899-k.in air crash at Caterham, England 9 Nov 1929; bur Ludwigsburg)

2c) Albrecht Adolf Konstantin Ernst Nikolaus Friedrich (Ludwigsburg 17
Oct 1900-Eugendorf 20 May 1984); m.Partenkirchen 2 Sep 1930 Walburga
Frn von Hirschberg (Nürnberg 26 Mar 1906-Eugendorf 10 Apr 1986)

1d) [by Marie Gabriele Frn v.Pfetten-Arnbach] Andrea
Schaumburg-Lippe (b.Verden a.d.Aller 19 Sep 1960);
m.Salzburg 4 Sep 1993 Franz Gf von Degenfeld-Schonburg

3c) Bernhard (Ludwigsburg 8 Dec 1902-
Ludwigsburg 24 Jun 1903; bur Ludwigsburg)


6b) Bathildis Marie Leopoldine Anna Auguste (Ratiboritz 21 May
1873-Arolsen 6 Apr 1962; bur Rhoden); m.Nachod 9 Aug 1895 Friedrich
Fst zu Waldeck u.Pyrmont (Arolsen 20 Jan 1865-Arolsen 26 May 1946)


7b) Friederike Adelheid Marie Luise Hilda Eugenie (Ratiboritz 22 Sep
1875-Ballenstedt 27 Jan 1971; bur Bückeburg); m.Bückeburg 17 Feb 1898
(div 1920) Ernst II, Duke of Saxe-Altenburg (Altenburg 31 Aug 1871-
Schloß Fröhliche Wiederkunft 22 Mar 1955)


8b) Alexandra Karoline Marie Ida Henriette Juliane (Ratiboritz
9 Jun 1879-Linz am Rhein 5 Jan 1949; bur Bückeburg Mausoleum)

8a) Hermann (Bückeburg 31 Oct 1839-
Bückeburg 23 Dec 1839; bur Stadthagen)


9a) Elisabeth Wilhelmine Auguste Marie (Bückeburg 5 Mar 1841-
Wiesbaden 30 Nov 1926; bur Wiesbaden Nordfriedhof); m.Frankfurt
30 Jan 1866 (div 1868) Wilhelm Pr von Hanau (Kassel 19 Dec
1836-Horowitz 3 Jun 1902)

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