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Mediatized House of Croy
House of Croy
 The House of Croÿ (French pronunciation: [kʁui]) is an international family of European mediatized nobility which held a seat in the Imperial Diet from 1486, and was elevated to the rank of Imperial Princes in 1594. In 1913 the family had branches in Belgium, France and Prussia. This dynastic house, which originally adopted its name from the Château de Croÿ in what is now Belgium, claimed descent from the Hungarian Prince Marc who allegedly settled in France in 1147, where he married an heiress to the barony of Croÿ. The Croÿ family rose to prominence under the Dukes of Burgundy. Later they became actively involved in the complex politics of France, Spain, Austria, and the Low Countries.

Among the more illustrious members of the House of Croÿ were two bishops-dukes of Cambrai, two cardinals (one being also the Archbishop of Toledo and another being the Archbishop of Rouen), five bishops (those of Therouanne, Tournai, Cammin, Arras, and Ypres), one prime minister of Philipe the Good, one Finance Minister, prime minister, Chief Admiral, godfather and tutor of the emperor Charles V (himself godfather of other Croÿ), one Prince of Masovia, one Grand-Bouteiller, one Grand-Maitre and one Marshal of France; one Grand Equerry of the King of Spain, several imperial field marshals and twenty generals, 4 Finance Ministers of the Netherlands, a couple of governors of the Netherlands and Belgium, one Russian Field-Marshal; numerous Ministers, Ambassadors and Senators in France, Austria, Belgium, and a record of thirty-two knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece.


The Croys of Burgundy

Jean I de Croÿ was responsible for the ascendancy of his family to a position of supreme power in medieval Burgundy. He served Philip the Bold and his son John the Fearless in the capacity of councillor and chamberlain. In 1384 he married a wealthy heiress, Marie de Craon, successfully suing her first husband's family upon her death. In 1397, Jean acquired the lordship of Chimay, which was to become a core dominion of the Croÿ family. Four years later, he was appointed Governor of Artois and led the ducal armies against the rebellious citizens of Liege. He was recorded as the Grand Bouteiller of the King of France in 1412 when he laid siege to Bourges. The following year, Isabeau of Bavaria had him apprehended and incarcerated in the castle of Montlhéry, from where he escaped. Jean, together with two of his sons, was killed in the Battle of Agincourt on October 25, 1415.

Antoine I le Grand, Jean I's eldest surviving son and heir, was a key figure in 15th-century French politics. Securing for himself the post of Governor General of the Netherlands and Luxembourg, he presided over the pro-French party at the court of Philip the Good and was one of the judges at the trial for treason in 1458 of Duke of Alençon. Like his father, he led French and Burgundian armies against Liege and distinguished himself at the Battle of Brouwershaven fighting against the English. While on a mission to the court of Duke of Berry, he was implicated in the assassination of the Duke of Orléans and as a consequence suffered torture in the Château de Blois.

Having extricated himself from this predicament, Antoine used his power to expand his family's possessions: in 1429 he obtained the lordship and peerage of Le Rœulx; three years later he married a Princess of Lorraine, who brought Arschot to his family as her dowry; in 1446 he purchased the Château of Montcornet and completely rebuilt it. In 1438 he acquired the castle of Porcien and was made Count of Porcéan and Guînes by Charles VII in 1455. A year earlier, he had married his daughter to Count Louis I of Pfalz-Zweibrücken in order to increase his influence in the orbit of the Holy Roman Empire.

With Charles the Bold, the future Duke of Burgundy, he was at loggerheads, especially after they had clashed over the inheritance of Jeanne d'Harcourt, Countess of Namur. Upon Charles's accession, Antoine was accused of plotting with astrologers to bring about the Duke's downfall and was compelled to flee to France. In France he took part in the coronation of Louis XI and was chosen as a godfather to the future Louis XII. It was not until the age of 83 that he reconciled himself with Charles and was allowed to reclaim his properties in Burgundy. He died either in 1475 or 1477 and was interred in Porcien.

Agnes de Croÿ was his sister and the mistress of Duke Jean the Fearless, by whom she had a natural son, the future Bishop of Cambrai and Archbishop of Trier. Several noble families of Belgium and the Netherlands are descended from this prelate's eleven illegitimate children.

The lines of Croÿ-Arschot-Havré and Croÿ-Roeulx stem from Antoine's two sons, Philippe I and Jean III, while his younger brother, Jean II, was the progenitor of the only extant line of the family, that of Croÿ-Solre. All three lines demonstrate a complex pattern of intermarriage, so that estates and titles would stay within the family as long as possible.

The Line of Croÿ-Aerschot

Antoine was succeeded as Count of Porcéan by his eldest son, Philippe I de Croÿ, Governor of Luxembourg and Ligny. Philippe I de Croÿ was raised together with Charles the Bold, who arranged Philippe's marriage to Jacqueline of Luxembourg in 1455. The bride's father was extremely against the alliance and attempted to win his daughter back by force, but the Count of Porcéan closed the borders of Luxembourg and announced that the marriage had been consummated. In 1471 Philippe defected to the King of France with 600 knights but returned to Burgundy to fight for Charles during the Battle of Nancy. During the battle he was taken prisoner. Following Charles's death, Philippe de Croÿ helped arrange the betrothal of his heiress Marie with Emperor Maximilian I. Towards the end of his life, he was employed by the Emperor as Governor of Valenciennes, Lieutenant General of Liege, and Captain General of Hainaut. Philippe commissioned a remarkable church in Château-Porcien, in which he was buried upon his death in 1511.

Among Philippe's sons, Antoine, Bishop of Thérouanne, predeceased his father and lies buried in Cyprus. More notable was Guillaume de Croÿ (1458-1521), (whose name is translated as Guillermo de Xebres in Spanish documents). As a tutor to Carlos I of Spain (afterwards emperor Charles V), Guillaume became the power behind the Spanish throne during his pupil's minority. Thus obtaining for himself the titles of Marquess of Aerschot and Duke of Soria and Archi. The Spanish aristocracy detested him as a foreigner, accusing him of pillaging the treasury and other irregularities, causing a wave of civil unrest to spread through Castile. Guillaume went to attend the famous Diet of Worms, where he was poisoned on 28 May 1521, apparently by German nobles afraid of his influence on imperial politics.

Guillaume's nephew and namesake, Guillaume III de Croÿ (1498-1521), was educated in Louvain with Juan Luís Vives, a great philosopher of the time. As it appeared unlikely that he would succeed to the lands of his grandfather, Philippe I, he was destined to the church. Family interests ensured his rapid promotion: he was elected Bishop of Cambrai at the age of 17. Within a year, Charles V bestowed upon his young Burgundian friend the archbishopric of Toledo, making him a cardinal and Primate of Spain. This unprecedented move brought Spain to the brink of a civil war. Guillaume accompanied his uncle and Charles to Worms, where on January 6 he died aged 22, following a fall from his horse. His tomb is in the Celestin monastery of Louvain, founded by his father.

Guillaume III's elder brother, Philippe II de Croÿ (1496 - 1549), succeeded to the County of Porcéan upon his father's death in 1514. Like his predecessors, he was Governor of Hainault and Senior Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece, but it is as Charles V's general that he is best remembered. In 1533 Charles V created Philippe ("our cousin", as he styled him) Duke of Soria and Archi and Grandee of Spain First Class. Earlier, he had become Marquess of Renty and exchanged the lordship of Longwy in Normandy for that of Havré, which his descendants would develop as a family nest. His first wife was a cousin, Anne de Croÿ, Princess of Chimay. She died in 1539, and nine years later Philippe married Anna of Lorraine. He left offspring by both marriages.

Philippe II's eldest son, Charles I de Croÿ (1522-51), inherited the Principality of Chimay from his mother and succeeded to the Duchy of Aerschot upon his father's death. He was assassinated in Quievrain two years later, leaving no children by his marriage to Louise of Lorraine-Guise. Thereupon Chimay and Aerschot passed to Philippe II's second son, Philippe III.

Philipe de Croÿ, Duke of Arschot (1526-1595), was made 216th Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece by Philip II of Spain. In 1567 his cousin Antoine III de Croÿ, 1st Prince of Porcéan died without issue by his marriage to Catherine of Cleves, and the Principality of Porcéan devolved upon Philippe. His devotion to the Roman Catholic Church, which he expressed by showing his delight at the Massacre of St. Bartholomew, led Philip II to regard him with great favor. He was appointed governor of the citadel of Antwerp but defected to the other side before long. Jealous of William the Silent's influence, he was then the head of the party which induced the Archduke Matthias (afterwards emperor) to undertake the sovereignty of the Netherlands, and soon afterwards was appointed Governor-General of Flanders by the state council. A strong party, including the burghers of Ghent, distrusted the new governor; and Arschot, who was taken prisoner during a riot at Ghent, was only released on promising to resign his office. He then sought to regain the favor of Philip of Spain, and having been pardoned by the king in 1580 again shared in the government of the Netherlands; but he refused to serve under the count of Fuentes when he became governor-general in 1594, and retired to Venice, where he died in December 1595.

Philippe III was succeeded by his only son, Charles II de Croÿ (1560-1612), who was created Duke of Croÿ by Henry IV of France in 1598. As Charles was childless, the duchy of Arschot passed to his sister Anna de Croÿ, who had married Karl, Prince of Arenberg, thus bringing Aarschot to the House of Arenberg. Another sister, Marguerite, inherited the lordships of Halewyn and Commines, which passed to her husband, Wratislaw, Count of Fürstenberg.


The Line of Croy-Havre - First Line

Charles Philippe de Croÿ (1549-1613) was the eldest son of Philippe II by his second wife, Anna of Lorraine. A successful imperial general, he was created Prince of the Holy Roman Empire in 1594. It was the first time when a simple baron was admitted among Princes of the Empire.

Charles Alexandre de Croÿ, Marquess of Havré (1581-1624) was the son of the preceding. He inherited the title of Prince of Croÿ from his father, that of Count of Fontenoy from his mother, Diane de Dompmartin, and that of Duke of Croÿ (in the French peerage) - from his childless cousin and brother-in-law, Charles II. He served as a hereditary marshal of the Holy Empire in the Battle of Prague, and advised Archduke Albert of Austria, Governor of Netherlands in the capacity of his chamberlain. Philip III of Spain made him the Superintendent of Finances and a Grandee of Spain. His second wife, Countess Genevieve d'Urfe, was a great beauty notorious for her many liaisons. When Charles Alexandre was shot dead in his palace at Brussels on November 5, 1624, French courtiers put the blame upon Genevieve and her reputed lover, the Marquess of Spinola. One innocent man was condemned on that account and was immured in a fortress until a true culprit admitted his guilt to a confessor 32 years later. Charles Alexandre's precious reminiscences had not been published until 1845.

Charles Alexandre's nephew, Ernst Bogislaw von Croÿ (1620-1684), inherited both princely and ducal titles of Croÿ when he was just 4. As his father died a month after his birth, Ernst Bogislaw was brought up by his mother, Princess Anna von Croy, also known as Anna of Pomerania, in her native land, where he was styled Prince of Masovia and Prince of Neugarten. Although he was destined to the church and received the see of Cammin in due time, Ernst Bogislaw also had illegitimate issue by several mistresses. He died in Königsberg at the age of 63 and was buried in Stolp (now Słupsk) Castle.

Second Line

Marie Claire de Croÿ (1605-1664) was Charles Alexandre's only daughter by his marriage to Princess Yolande of Ligne. As was expected, she married two of her distant cousins, Charles Philippe de Croÿ, Marquess of Renty (in 1627) and then his brother Philippe Francois de Croÿ, Count of Solre (in 1643), in order to preclude the family estates from passing to another family. At the time of her first marriage, Philip III of Spain raised her marquessate of Havré to a dukedom, with her as the first duchess.

By her first marriage, she had two children - Philippe Eugene de Croÿ, Bishop of Valencia and Marie Ferdinande, Marchioness of Renty, the wife of Count Egmond. Her only son by the second marriage, Ferdinand Francois Joseph de Croÿ-Solre, succeeded to the ducal title. Among his children, Charles Antoine Joseph, the 4th Duke of Havré, was killed at Saragossa in 1710; Marie Therese Josephe left children by her marriage to Landgrave Philip of Hesse-Darmstadt; and Jean-Baptiste de Croÿ, the 5th Duke, left issue by his marriage to Marie Anne Césarine Lante Montefeltro della Rovere, of the House of della Rovere (daughter of Antonio Lante Montefeltro della Rovere). This line came to an end in 1839, when the 7th Duke of Havré and Croÿ died in Paris aged 95, having outlived all of his sons. His daughter and heiress married a distant cousin, Emmanuel de Croÿ-Solre, who succeeded to the estates and titles.

The 7th Duke's sister, Louise Elisabeth de Croÿ-Havré (1749-1832), is best known for her book of memoirs on the French Revolution and the years of emigration that followed. A close friend of Queen Marie Antoinette, she was appointed by her to the vacant post of Royal Governess, with particular care for the future Louis XVII. During the revolution, she was incarcerated with her own daughter and already prepared to meet a guillotine, when a mysterious gentleman smuggled them out of the prison. After one of her pupils ascended the throne as Charles X he created her a hereditary duchess of Tourzel in her own right. Louise Elisabeth de Croÿ, 1st Duchess of Tourzel died in the Château de Groussay on May 15, 1832.

 File:Le roeulx.jpg

The Line of Croÿ-Roeulx

The line of Counts of Roeulx descends from Jean III de Croÿ (1436-1505), the second son of Antoine le Grand and younger brother of Philippe I. Jean III's grandson, Adrien de Croÿ, 1st Count of Roeulx, served as Governor of Flanders and Artois before his death in a combat in 1553. His granddaughter is remembered as La Belle Franchine, the beautiful mistress of Alessandro Farnese.

In 1609, the senior line of the Counts of Roeulx went extinct, and the county passed to a cadet line, represented by Eustache de Croÿ (1608-73), Governor of Lille and Douai. Eustache's son, Ferdinand Gaston Lamoral de Croÿ, unexpectedly succeeded to the Duchy of Croÿ in 1684, when the most senior member of the house, Ernst Bogislaw von Croÿ, had died in Königsberg. After Ferdinand's grandson, 6th Duke of Croÿ, died childless at Le Roeulx in 1767, the line of Croÿ-Roeulx expired and the chateau du Roeulx together with the ducal title passed to the line of Croÿ-Solre (see below).

Probably the most illustrious member of the Croÿ-Roeulx branch was Eustache's nephew, Charles Eugène de Croÿ (1651-1702). He participated in the Battle of Lund (1676) against the Swedes before succeeding to his father's title of Prince of Croÿ-Millendonck in 1681. Charles Eugene fought with success in the Imperial Austrian Army against the Turks and participated in both the liberation of Vienna in 1683 and the attack on Belgrade in 1690. He was promoted Imperial Field Marshal for his vital services to the Austrian crown. In 1697 he entered the Russian service and was put in charge of Peter I's forces fighting in Livonia during the initial stages of the Great Northern War. After suffering a humiliating defeat in the Battle of Narva on 20 November 1700, Charles Eugene was taken prisoner by the Swedes and died imprisoned at their fortress of Reval on January 30, 1702. On demand of his creditors, his body was not buried for more than a century {190 years-until 1897}, and, when mummified, was exhibited in a glass coffin as a curiosity, with fees paid by tourists as a price of admission used to settle his debts.


The Line of Croÿ-Solre

The only line of the House of Croÿ extant today, that of Croÿ-Solre, descends from Antoine le Grand's younger brother, Jean II de Croÿ (1395-1473), who governed Hainaut and Namur in the name of the Dukes of Burgundy. His dominions were centred on the town of Chimay, of which he became the first count. In 1430, he was made one of the very first Knights of the Order of the Golden Fleece.

Jean II's grandson, Count Charles de Croÿ-Chimay (1455-1527), made a name for himself in the Battle of Guinegate in 1479. He succeeded to the county of Chimay in 1482 and to the possessions of his mother, a Countess of Mors-Saarwerden, several years later. In April 1486 Emperor Maximilian elevated the county of Chimay to a principality and admitted Charles de Croÿ into the Imperial Diet. In 1500, Charles was summoned to take part in the baptism of the future emperor Charles V, during whose minority he served as one of the governors. The Prince of Chimay had many children by his wife, Louise d'Albret, sister of Jean d'Albret, King of Navarre. Only two daughters reached the age of seniority, with Anne inheriting Chimay and Marguerite inheriting Wavrin. The former married a cousin, Philippe II de Croÿ, Duke of Arschot (see above), and their children succeeded to the principality of Chimay.

Jacques III de Croÿ-Sempy (1508-1587) was Jean II's great grandson and Charles de Chimay's nephew. It was through his mother, Louise of Luxembourg, that he succeeded to the Château of Fontaine-l'Eveque in 1529, later obtaining more lands as a dowry for his three marriages. His last wife, Yolande de Lannoy, brought the manors of Molembais, Solre, and Tourcoing to the House of Croÿ. Their son Philippe was the first to style himself Count of Solre. He died in Bohemia in 1612, leaving two daughters and four sons, of whom the eldest succeeded as the 2nd Count of Solre. A younger son married the 1st Duchess of Havré, giving birth to the second line of Croÿ-Havré, which failed in 1839 (see above).


Modern times

Towards the end of the 18th century, as other branches of the family were coming to an end, the line of Croÿ-Solre accumulated a number of their titles and possessions. During the French Revolution, Anne Emmanuel de Croÿ, 8th Duke of Croÿ (1743-1803) moved his seat from Le Rouelx to the Westphalian town of Dülmen, formerly a possession of his wife, a Princess of Salm-Kyrburg. Among his sons, Prince Gustave Maximilien Juste of Croÿ (1772-1844) rose to become a Cardinal and Archbishop of Rouen.

Another son, Auguste Louis Philippe Emmanuel de Croÿ, 9th Duke of Croÿ, better known as Le Bel Auguste (1765-1822), was mediatized upon the demise of the Holy Roman Empire in his capacity of the sovereign prince of Dülmen. When the Bourbons were restored to the throne of France, Auguste was made a Peer of France. He joined his relatives in conducting a lawsuit against a certain Claude Francois Crouy-Chanel, who had usurped the name, titles and arms of the House of Croÿ. From three of Auguste's sons - Alfred, Ferdinand, and Philipp Franz - descend the three extant branches of the House of Croÿ, residing in Germany and France.

On 27 October, 1913, Karl Rudolf, 13th Duke of Croÿ, married Nancy Leishman, daughter of Pittsburgh industrialist John George Alexander Leishman, United States Ambassador to Germany and former president of Carnegie Steel. In 1974 Karl Rudolf died and was succeeded by his son Carl (d. 14 June 2011), 14th Duke of Croÿ; Carl was married to Princess Gabriele of Bavaria, daughter of Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria. Their eldest son, Rudolf, the 15th and current Duke of Croÿ, is married to Alexandra Miloradovich, of the Trubetskoy princely lineage; they have six children.

File:SOAOTO - Folio 049V.jpg 

Members of the House of Croy

  • Jean I de Croÿ (1365-1415)
  • Antoine de Croy, Comte de Porcéan (1385-1475)
  • Jean II de Croÿ (1390-1473)
  • Philippe I de Croÿ (1435-1511)
  • Philip I of Croÿ-Chimay (1436-1482)
  • Charles I de Croÿ (1455 - 1527)
  • William de Croÿ, advisor to Emperor Charles V (1458-1521)
  • William de Croÿ (archbishop) (1497-1521)
  • Philippe II de Croÿ (1496-1549)
  • Charles II de Croÿ (1522-1551)
  • Philipe de Croÿ, Duke of Arschot (1526-1595)
  • Charles III de Croÿ (1560-1612)
  • Ernst Bogislaw von Croÿ (1620-1684)
  • Charles Eugène de Croÿ (1651-1702).
  • Louise Elisabeth de Croÿ-Havré (1749-1832)
  • Gustave de Croÿ-Solre (1772-1844)
  • Princess Isabella of Croÿ (1856-1931), married Archduke Friedrich, Duke of Teschen
File:Circle of Quinten Massijs I - Portrait of Guillaume de Croy (1458-1521).jpg 
Titles and Styles of the Princely House
The members of this family bear the title Prince or Princess von Croÿ together with the formal appellation of His or Her Illustrious Highness.
The Genealogy of The Princely House
AUGUSTE Philippe Louis Emanuel, Duke von Croÿ, Hr zu Dülmen, etc (Paris 3 Nov 1765-Hermitage sur l'Escaut, nr Condé 19 Oct 1822); m.1st Paris 10 Jan 1789 Anne-Victurnienne de Rochechouart-Mortemart (Paris 7 May 1773-Dülmen 10 Jul 1806); m.2d Paris 5 Nov 1821 Marie-Anne Dillon (10 Mar 1796-Paris 7 Mar 1827)

1a) ALFRED François Frédéric Philippe, Duke von Croÿ, etc (Aachen 22 Dec 1789-Dülmen 14 Jul 1861); m.Anholt 21 Jun 1819 Eleonore Pss zu Salm-Salm (Meinberg, Lippe 6 Dec 1794-Dülmen 6 Jan 1871)
1b) Léopoldine (Dülmen 9 Aug 1821-Florence 26 May 1907); m.Dülmen 13 Jul 1841 Emanuel Pr von Croÿ (1881-1885); below)

2b) RUDOLF Maximilian Konstantin, Duke von Croÿ (Dülmen 13 Mar 1823-Cannes 8 Feb 1902); m.1st Beloeil 15 Sep 1853 Natalie Pss de Ligne (Beloeil 31 May 1835-Beloeil 23 Jul 1863); m.2d Beauraing 22 Sep 1884 Eleonore Pss zu Salm-Salm (Frankfurt 21 Jan 1842-Dülmen 18 Jun 1891)

1c) Eugénie (Dülmen 11 Oct 1854-Vienna 12 Jun 1889); m.Dülmen 17 Jun 1879 Pál Fst Esterházy von Galántha (Vienna 11 Mar 1843-Lokkenhaus 22 Aug 1898)

2c) Isabella (Dülmen 27 Feb 1856-Budapest 5 Sep 1931); m.L'Hermitage, Belgium 8 Oct 1878 Friedrich, Archduke of Austria (Groß-Seelowitz 4 Jun 1856-Ungarisch-Altenburg 30 Dec 1936)

3c) Anna (Dülmen 9 Jul 1857-Château de la Berlière 3 Aug 1893); m.Dülmen 11 May 1880 Adhémar Cte d'Oultremont (Brussels 9 Jul 1845-Paris 9 Jul 1910)

4c) KARL ALFRED, Duke von Croÿ (Brussels 29 Jan 1859-Karapancsa, Hungary 28 Sep 1906); m.Brussels 25 Apr 1888 Ludmilla Pss von Arenberg (Héverlé 29 Jun 1870-La Solitude, nr Brussels 9 Sep 1953)

1d) KARL RUDOLF Engelbert Philipp Leo, Duke von Croÿ (Brussels 11 Apr 1889-Feldafing 2 Aug 1974); m.1st Versoix, Switzerland 27 Oct 1913 (div 1922) Nancy Leishman (Pittsburgh PA 2 Oct 1894-Copenhagen 11 Jan 1983); m.2d Munich 23 Oct 1924 (div 1931) Helene Lewis (Albany NY 14 Feb 1898); m.3d Berlin 28 Jan 1933 Marie Louise Wiesner (Wandsbek 22 Jun 1904- Nordkirchen 13 Feb 1945); m.4th Düsseldorf 17 Nov 1949 Hildegard von Guérard (Düsseldorf 26 Jan 1915-Dülmen 29 Jun 1991)

1e) CARL Emanuel Ludwig Petrus Eleonore Alexander Rudolf Engelbert Benno, Duke von Croÿ (Düsseldorf 11 Oct 1914-14 Jun 2011); m.(civ) Leutstetten 17 Jun 1953 (rel) Munich- Nymphenburg 18 Jun 1953 Gabrielle Pss of Bavaria (b.Berchtesgaden 10 May 1927)

1f) Marie-Thérèse Antonia Nancy Charlotte (b.Dülmen 29 Mar 1954); m.Coesfeld 5 Jul 2002 Stephan Graf von Walderdorff (Salzburg 19 Feb 1963-17 Nov 2011)

2f) RUDOLF Carl Rupprecht, Duke von Croÿ (b.Dülmen 8 Jul 1955); m.Sünching (civ) 23 Oct 1987 (rel) 24 Oct 1987 Css Alexandra Miloradovich (b.Sünching 7 Jul 1960)

1g) Carl Philipp Emmanuel Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria, Erbprinz von Croÿ (b.Münster 18 Aug 1989)

2g) Xenia Maria Alexandra Antonia Agnes Gabrielle Camilla (b.Münster 26 Dec 1990)

3g) Marc Emanuel Carl Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria (b.Münster 6 Apr 1992)

4g) Heinrich Carl Rupprecht Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria (b.Münster 9 Dec 1993)

5g) Alexander Carl Rupprecht Rudolph Zdenko Seraphim Maria (b.Münster 9 Mar 1995)

6g) Anastasia Maria Irina Adelgunde Gabrielle Agnes Sophie (b.Münster 12 Jan 1998)

3f) Stefan Clemens Philipp (b.Merfeld 17 May 1959); m.(civ) Wezembeek-Oppen 25 Aug 1990 (rel) Bouquetot 15 Sep 1990 Béatrice du Chastel de la Howarderie (b.Brussels 8 Sep 1964)

1g) Charlotte Regine Gabrielle Sophie (b.Münster 22 Dec 1992)

2g) Lionel Carl François Eric (b.Münster 3 Jan 1996)

3g) Camille Regine Gabrielle Nancy (b.Münster 6 Feb 1998)

2e) Antoinette Emma Laurenzia Charlotte Ludmilla Juliette Martha Helene Sabina (Berlin 27 Oct 1915-Dülmen 16 Feb 2011); m.1st Nordkirchen 14 Jun 1944 (div 1947) Jürgen von Goerne (Allenstein 12 Feb 1908-Munich 3 Mar 2001); m.2d Hamburg 18 Feb 1948 (div 1956) Frederik Nelson Tucker (b.London 3 Dec 1919); m.3d Munich (civ) 4 Mar 1981 (rel) 14 Jan 1982 Douglas Auff'm-Ordt (Lausanne 7 Apr 1917-Dülmen 23 Feb 2006)

3e) Marie-Luise Natalie Engelberta Ludmilla (b.Dülmen 18 Dec 1919); m.1st New York 11 Mar 1941 (div 1949) Richard Metz (New York 19 Jun 1912-26 Oct 1997); m.2d New York 27 Nov 1952 Nelson Slater (Webster, Massachusetts 7 Jul 1893-Lausanne 22 Apr 1968); m.3d 23 Jul 1969 Frederic Adams (Greenwich, Connecticut 28 Mar 1910-Chisseaux 7 January 2001)

4e) Clemens Franz Carl Anselm (b.Berlin 5 Jul 1934); m.1st Neudau, Styria 9 Jun 1962 Madeleine Gfn Kottulinsky Frn von Kottulin, Krzizkowitz u.Dobrzenicz (Graz 11 Nov 1941-Graz 16 Jan 1999); m.2d St.Oswald, Styria 6 Oct 2001 Mrs Ilse Lilly Beck, née Hofmann (Kreuzingen, Switzerland 19 Feb 1937-4 Jul 2011)

1f) Carl Clemens (b.Graz 5 Mar 1963); m.(civ) St.Oswald 25 Aug 1990 (rel) Dürnstein 1 Sep 1990 Michaela Reuschel (b.Vienna 8 May 1961)

1g) Vinzenz Hanns Carl Clemens (b.Vienna 14 Aug 1993)

2g) Sebastian Josef Alexander Carl Peter (b.Vienna 19 Feb 1995)

3g) Katharina Stefanie Ebba Madeleine Liselotte (b.Vienna 1 Nov 1996)

4g) Veronika Antoinette Madeleine Michaela (b.Vienna 14 Nov 1998)

2f) Cecile Marie-Louise Charlotte Brigitte (b.Graz 21 Feb 1964); m.(civ) Munich 19 Oct 1994 (rel) St.Oswald 29 Jul 1995 Aliresa Esmaeli (b.Kangavar, Iran 20 Sep 1963); the children of this marriage use their mother's surname

3f) Constantin Andreas Reginald Hans (b.Graz 20 Sep 1968); m.1st Las Vegas 26 Jun 1994 (div 1998) Kiriaki Trianopoulos (b.Athens 28 Apr 1969); m.2nd Grödig bei Salzburg 5 May 2005 (rel) Rovinj, Croatia 4 Jun 2005 Marie Altgfn zu Salm-Reifferscheidt-Raitz (b.Salzburg 3 Jun 1976)

1g) Madeleine Johanna Ladislaya Maria (b.Vienna 18 May 2006)

2g) Emanuel Alexander Gabriel Franz Anselm Maria (b.Vienna 11 Jun 2008)

2d) Isabella (L'Hermitage 7 Oct 1890-Leutstetten 30 Mar 1982); m.Schloß Weilburg 8 Jul 1912 Franz Pr of Bavaria (Leutstetten 10 Oct 1875-Leutstetten 25 Jan 1957)

3d) Engelbert Ernst Eugen (l'Hermitage 9 Nov 1891-Stolzalpe bei Murau, Styria 12 Apr 1974); m.Vienna 27 Nov 1929 Marie Benedikte Pss zu Schwarzenberg (Provitin 27 Mar 1900-Knittelfeld 6 Mar 1981)

4d) Anton Prosper Clemens (Brussels 6 Jan 1893-Gars am Kamp 29 Oct 1973); m.1st Marienloh 23 May 1922 Rosalie von Heyden-Linden (Fürstenberg 5 Aug 1894-Münster 28 Mar 1942); m.2d Buchberg 15 May 1944 Wilhelmine Pss von Croÿ (1906-1990; below)

1e) Maria Elisabeth Ludmilla Josepha (Paderborn 10 Mar 1923-Ehreshoven 5 Sep 2010); m.Grumsmühlen 23 Jun 1944 Matthias Gf von Schmettau (Potsdam 22 Oct 1918-Bonn 21 Aug 1986)

1f) Wolfgang Bernhard Gottfried Anton Gf von Schmettau, b.Lingen an der Ems 14 Mar 1945

2f) Rosalie Theresia Brigitta Elisabeth Gfn von Schmettau, b.Grumsmühlen 12 May 1948; m.Dietingen 1970 Franz Gf von Bissingen u.Nippenburg (b.Braubach am Rhein 10 May 1945)

1g) Alice Octavie Marie-Elisabeth Gfn von Bissingen u.Nippenburg, b.Rottweil 6 Mar 1974; m.Dietingen 30 Apr 1999 (rel) 7 Aug 1999 Ludger Kleyboldt (b.Porz am Rhein 10 Jun 1971)

2g) Xenia Octavie Marie-Elisabeth Gfn von Bissingen u.Nippenburg, b.Rottweil 21 May 1977; m. Schwarzwald 6 Aug 2005 Graf Hans Kottulinsky, Freiherr von Kottulin (b.Graz 13 Jul 1973)

3g) Leonie Octavie Marie-Elisabeth Gfn von Bissingen u.Nippenburg, b.Rottweil 3 Apr 1978; m. Dietingen bei Rottweil 21 Jul 2007 Ferdinand Carl Wilhelm Friedrich Josef Hubertus Christophorus Albertus Rupert Maria Gf von Oppersdorff (b.Köln 7 Feb 1963)

4g) Sophie Octavie Marie-Elisabeth Gfn von Bissingen u.Nippenburg, b.Rottweil 10 Jun 1983

3f) Nikolaus Engelbert Albert Johannes Pr von Croy Gf von Schmettau [adopted by his uncle, Pr Carl Alfred], b.Bochum 21 Jul 1953; m.1st Vinsebeck 8 Jul 1989 Maria Gfn Wolff Metternch zur Gracht (see Salm); m.2d Wulfshagen 11 May 2001 Anna Sophia Gfn zu Reventlow (b.Eckernförde 15 Apr 1970)

1g) Cecil Matthias Philipp Carl Alfred Pr von Croy Gf von Schmettau, b.Hamburg 19 Jan 1991

2g) Victor Emanuel Peter Hyazinth Pr von Croy Gf von Schmettau, b.Hamburg 17 Aug 1993

4f) Isabelle Maria-Theresia Colette Leonie Gfn von Schmettau, b.Brussels 28 Apr 1960; m.Lindlar 23 Apr 1994 Franziskus Frhr von Elverfeldt (b.20 Nov 1954)

2e) Carl Alfred Friedrich Bogislaus Joseph (Marienloh 4 Mar 1924-Grumsmühlen 15 Jan 2008); m.Haus Seelen bei Xanten 7 May 1952 Huberta Frn von Wolff-Metternich (b.Haus Seelen 2 Feb 1928)

3e) Engelbert Emmanuel Alexander Joseph (Grumsmühlen 22 Jul 1925-m.i.a.in Russia 1945)

4e) Clemens Anton Philipp Joseph (b.Grumsmühlen 7 Sep 1926); m.Engelskirchen 27 Jul 1955 Marie Therese Gfn von Schaesberg (Berlin 11 Dec 1927-Odenthal-Erberich 11 Mar 2004)

1f) Eugen Alexander Clemens Josef (b.Mühlheim an der Ruhr 22 Apr 1956); m.Wehrden 29 Sep 1984 Carolyn-Huberta von Hennigs (b.Bonn-Dottendorf 12 Mar 1953)

2f) Philippe Alexander Alfred Josef (b.Mühlheim 8 Sep 1957); m.Lensahn 27 Jun 1985 (rel) 29 Jun 1985 Margarete, Dss of Oldenburg (b.Lübeck 16 May 1954)

1g) Alexander Friedrich-August Albrecht Ernst (b.Düsseldorf 6 Mar 1987)

2g) Maximilian Johannes Alexander Engelbert (b.Düsseldorf 31 May 1988)

3g) Rosalie Franziska Carolyn Marie-Eugenie (b.Düsseldorf 23 Oct 1990)

3f) Albrecht-Alexander Walter Josef (b.Mühleim 8 May 1959); m.Frankfurt 1 Nov 2002 (rel) Darmstadt 2 Nov 2002 Katharina Frühe (b.Freiburg im Breisgau 14 Aug 1958)

1g) Julius Constantin (b.Frankfurt 13 Mar 1993)

4f) Engelbert Alexander Maximilian Josef (b.Leverkusen 5 Jun 1962); m.Schloß Zeil (civ) 16 Apr 1990 (rel) 7 Jul 1990 Marie Elisabeth Gfn von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg (b.Ravensburg 30 Jul 1966)

1g) Marie Isabelle Sophie Hermine (b.Hadamar 6 May 1991)

2g) Constantin Maria Walter Erich (b.Menden 19 Jul 1992)

3g) Carl Georg Clemens Nicodemus (b.Menden 13 Sep 1994)

4g) Philippa-Maria Therese Gabrielle (b.Menden 21 Feb 1999)

5e) Margarethe Maria Christina Emmanuela Henriette Anna Katharina (b.Grumsmühlen 11 Oct 1930); m.Grumsmühlen 7 Jun 1956 Heinrich Gf von Schaesberg (Berlin 12 Feb 1922-Tannheim 22 Jan 1996)

6e) Sophia Magdalena Maria Monica (Paderborn 28 Mar 1932-Brussels 25 Jun 1968); m.Brussels 9 Nov 1957 Tanneguy Le Gentil Vcte de Rosmorduc (Brussels 12 Nov 1927-Paris 16 Oct 1992)

7e) Anton Egon Clemens (Grumsmühlen 27 Aug 1945-Graz 6 Sep 2003); m.1st Maria Dreieichen 29 Sep 1970 (div 1988) Maria Antonia Fundulus (b.Vienna 25 Oct 1950); m.2d Gars am Kamp 13 Jun 1989 Antoinette von Leutzendorff (b.Graz 12 Feb 1959)

1f) Sophie Margarethe (b.Vienna 3 Apr 1971); m.(civ) Zeltweg 22 Apr 2000 (rel) Weißkirchen, Styria 30 Sep 2000 Hermann Frhr von Rotenhan (b.Bamberg 16 Aug 1968)

2f) Valerie Christiane (b.Vienna 18 Apr 1972); m.Weißkirchen 28 Aug 1999 Adolf Markones (b.Vienna 3 Dec 1968)

3f) Anton Clemens (b.Vienna 19 Jul 1974)

4f) Isabelle Maria Benedikta (b.Vienna 20 Jan 1976); m.Gars am Kamp 19 May 2007 Peter Frick (b.Bogota 6 Mar 1972)

5f) Franziska Barbara (b.Vienna 14 Jul 1977)

6f) Stefanie Maria Manuela (b.Vienna 6 Jan 1980)

7f) Marie Therese (b.Leoben 5 May 1991)

8f) Anton Ferdinand (b.Leoben 20 Jan 1994)

5c) Natalie Hedwig Constance Henriette (Trazégnies 14 Jul 1863-Düren 2 Sep 1957); m.Dülmen 4 Sep 1883 Henri Cte de Merode Pr de Grimberghe, de Rubempré et d'Everberghe (Paris 28 Dec 1856-Lausanne 13 Jul 1908)

3b) Alexis Wilhelm Zephirin Victor (Prague 13 Jan 1825-Bad Nauheim 28 Aug 1898); m.Prague 18 Jun 1853 Franziska Pss zu Salm-Salm (Pohorelic, Moravia 4 Aug 1833-Gries bei Bozen 3 Mar 1908)

1c) Marie (Dülmen 11 May 1854-Gries bei Bozen 20 Apr 1901)

2c) Eleonore (Dülmen 13 May 1855-Berlin 27 May 1903); m.Schönau-Teplitz 12 Jul 1893 Nikolaus Fst zu Salm-Salm (18 Jul 1838-16 Feb 1908)

3c) Max Rudolf Karl Dietrich Anna (Schweckhausen 16 Jan 1864-Slabetz bei Rakonitz, Bohemia 20 May 1920); m.Krimitz, Bohemia 6 Oct 1908 Karoline Pss von Lobkowicz (Konopischt 4 Oct 1873- Isareck 11 Feb 1951)

1d) Alexis Franz Antonius Maximilian Carolus Benediktus Mathias Maria (Slabetz 24 Feb 1910-Aicha vorm Wald 21 Aug 2002); m.1st Petschau 7 Oct 1931 Elisabeth Gfn von Beaufort-Spontin (Vienna 15 Nov 1911-Aicha vorm Wald 21 Mar 1995); m.2d Prague 12 Oct 1996 Jana Belohlávková (b.Pilsen 16 Nov 1959)

1e) Maximilian Heinrich Karl Maria (b.Slabetz 9 Sep 1932); m.Altötting 29 Nov 1958 (div 1973) Asja Lukic (b.Dalmatia 20 Jul 1932)

1f) Alexis (b.Munich 24 Sep 1959); m.Nicola Carla Mai (b.12 Feb 1961)

1g) Marian (b.Munich 9 Aug 2002)

2g) Amelia (b.Munich 25 Aug 2004)

2f) Anna Maria (b.Landshut 11 Feb 1965); m.25 May 2007 Rico Markefka, later "von Croy" (b.Borna 22 Jan 1981)

2e) Albrecht Maria Johann Gerhard Michael (b.Slabetz 24 Jun 1938); m.Munich 6 Jul 1965 Dagmar Frn von Peckenzell (b.Würzburg 25 Sep 1936)

1f) Isabelle Maria Gabrielle Johanna Franziska Cypriana (b.Passau 16 Sep 1971); m.New Orleans 25 Jun 1999 Olaf Jürgen Steppat (b.Forcheim 15 Dec 1970)

2f) Albrecht Maria Alexis Engelbert Georg (b.Passau 9 Jul 1973); m.Aicha vorm Wald 21 Dec 2002 (rel) 28 Jun 2003 Yvonne Schrottenbaum (b.Passau 3 Oct 1971)

1g) Nicolai Alexis Maria Christian Seraphim (b.Aicha vorm Wald 19 Jul 2007)

3e) Maria Anna Eleonore Antonia Mathaea (b.Slabetz 20 Sep 1939); m.Aicha vorm Wald, Lower Bavaria 4 Apr 1964 Tamás Vass de Bihar (b.Penc, Hungary 15 May 1936)

4e) Anna Maria Friederike Alberta (b.Slabetz 24 Feb 1943); m.Aicha vorm Wald 10 Aug 1962 (rel) 6 Oct 1962 Wolfram Frhr von Strachwitz und Gross-Zauche (Maserwitz 10 Aug 1933-Bonn 4 Nov 2010)

5e) Johannes (Osterhofen 12 Feb 1955-Passau 14 Feb 1955)

2d) Franz (Slabetz 31 May 1911-k.a.in Holland 26 Sep 1944)

3d) Max Ignaz Anton Gerhard Benedikt Karl Maria (Slabetz 12 Jun 1912-Augsburg 2 Sep 1992); m.Prague 23 May 1938 Caroline Gfn von Busseul (Subotica 8 May 1918-Augsburg 3 Mar 1981)

1e) Huberta Maria (Petschau 15 Oct 1939-Ursberg 26 Aug 1988)

2e) Josef Maria (b.Petschau 8 Jul 1941); m.(civ) Bergheim 25 Mar 1968 (rel) Waldenburg 20 Apr 1968 Hilda Pss zu Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst (b.Waldenburg 31 Dec 1943)

1f) Marie-Therese Caroline Mechthilde (b.Augsburg-Göggingen 3 Nov 1969); m.8 Nov 2008 Peter Gumprecht (b.Hoya 18 Sep 1979)

2f) Maximilian Hubertus Maria (b.Munich 1 Mar 1971); m.Dornau 30 Jun 2007 Josefine Gfn v.u.zu Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg (b.Vienna 16 Sep 1972)

1g) Isabelle Hilda Sylvia Anina (b.Vienna 2 Apr 2008)

2g) Josef Alfred Peter (b.Vienna 30 Sep 2009)

3f) Benedikt Karl-Josef Maria (b.Munich 30 Nov 1977)

3e) Alfred Maria (b.Petschau 4 Jan 1945)

4d) Alfred (Slabetz 17 Dec 1913-k.a.Pustoschka 25 Nov 1943)

4b) Emma (Dülmen 26 Jun 1826-Paris 17 Jan 1909)

5b) Georges Victor (L'Hermitage 30 Jun 1828-Paris 15 Apr 1879): m.Paris 22 Jan 1862 Marie de Durfort Civrac de Lorge (Paris 15 Jan 1841-Château de Cambray 28 Dec 1910)

1c) Louis (L'Hermitage 21 Sep 1862-Paris 28 May 1931); m.Paris 24 Nov 1887 Hortense de l'Espine (Paris 25 Feb 1867-Paris 27 Aug 1932)

2c) Marie-Eléonore Georgine Louise (Brussels 6 Jan 1864-Champlémy 7 Jan 1962); m.Paris 26 May 1887 René Vcte de Chevigné (Poitiers 13 Sep 1851-Flesselles 27 Feb 1899)

3c) Elisabeth (Brussels 27 Sep 1865-Paris 12 Mar 1947); m.Paris 11 Feb 1889 Charles Cte de Bruce (Château d'Harzillemont 30 Mar 1862-Paris 9 Jan 1946)

4c) Jeanne Marie Emma Augustine (Dülmen 9 Oct 1870-Chambray 29 May 1966); m.Paris 20 Jun 1894 Armand Stanislas Herbert d'Espagne, Marquis de Venevelles (château L'Assessoye 1 Feb 1864-Paris 27 Jan 1923)

5c) François Marie Emmanuel Joseph (Paris 18 Mar 1873-Lascours 3 Feb 1950); m.Paris 9 Oct 1908 Simone de Chaponay (Lascours 28 Apr 1885-Lascours 20 Sep 1974)

1d) Maximilienne Jeanne Françoise Marie Raymonde (Sedan 11 Oct 1909-Arrancy 15 Jul 2001); m.Paris 19 Jun 1933 Aymar Cte de La Tour du Pin-Chambly (Paris 2 Nov 1906-Arrancy 12 Jul 1979)

2d) François-Emanuel Georges Marie Pierre (Juigne-sur-Mayenne 15 Aug 1913-Mougins 17 Jan 1993); m.Bienhao, Indochina 1 Dec 1941 Cécile Dumont (Amitchéau, Yunan, China 9 Mar 1918-4 May 2009)

1e) Isabelle Marie Aline Marcelle Françoise (b.Saigon 7 Feb 1943); m.Juigne-Bene 7 Jul 1967 (div) Antoine Joseph, Marquis de Lévis-Mirepoix, Duque de San Fernando Luis (b.New York 18 May 1942)

3d) Humbert (Château de Lascours 20 Jan 1915-k.a.1944)

4d) Simone Marie Mathilde Armande (b.Lascours 6 Nov 1917); m.Lascours 20 Oct 1942 Joachim de Pierre de Bernis (Quincandon 18 Dec 1912-Quincandon 4 Dec 1965)

5d) Robert Marie François Georges (Paris 4 Jun 1920-12 Nov 2007)

6b) Anna (Dülmen 24 Jan 1831-Igls, Tyrol 2 Jul 1887); m.Dülmen 30 Jul 1864 Fortunat Guigues de Moreton, Marquis de Chabrillan (Fontainebleau 11 Sep 1828-Paris 18 Feb 1900)

7b) Bertha (Dülmen 12 May 1833-Drensteinfurt 7 Feb 1906); m.Düsseldorf 16 Apr 1863 Ignaz Frhr von Landsberg-Velen (Münster 9 Feb 1830-Drensteinfurt 28 Oct 1915)

8b) Gabrielle (Dülmen 5 Jan 1835-Luzern 22 Sep 1905); m.Dülmen 28 Jan 1874 Louis Pr de Polignac (London 24 Mar 1827-La Bouzarca, Algeria 13 Jan 1904)

9b) Albert (Dülmen 16 May 1837-Dülmen 21 Apr 1838)

10b) Clotilde (Dülmen 2 Nov 1840-Dülmen 29 Mar 1841)

2a) Ferdinand Victor Philippe (Aachen 31 Oct 1791-Le Roeulx 4 Sep 1865); m.Le Roeulx 3 Sep 1810 Constance Pss de Croÿ-Solre (Condée 19 Aug 1789-Le Roeulx 2 Dec 1869)

1b) Emanuel Pr de Croÿ et de Solre (Brussels 13 Dec 1811-Le Roeulx 16 Jan 1865); m.Dülmen 14 Jul 1841 Leopoldine Pss von Croy (1821-1907); above)

1c) Alfred Emanuel (Dülmen 18 Mar 1842-Bruges 21 May 1888); m.London 12 Jan 1875 Elizabeth Mary Parnall (Lanhearn 29 Dec 1855-Bellignies 7 Sep 1912)

1d) Marie (London 26 Nov 1875-St.Benin d'Azy 20 Jun 1968)

2d) Léopold Marie Charles Edouard Emmanuel Pr de Croÿ-Solre (Serene Highness) in Belgium 2 Jan 1933 (San Remo 20 Feb 1877-St.Benin d'Azy 22 Dec 1965); m.Paris 23 Oct 1918 Jacqueline de Lespinay (Chantonnay 9 Mar 1889-St.Benin d'Azy 13 Sep 1977)

1e) Elisabeth Marie Claire Léopoldine Jacqueline (St.Benin d'Azy 13 Dec 1921-Thiernay 18 May 2009)

2e) Marie-Dorothée Constance Marie (St.Benin d'Azy 19 Aug 1924-St.Benin d'Azy 10 May 2005); m.St.Benin d'Azy 19 Oct 1967 (div 18 Oct 1979) Helmut Häferer (b.Gotha 11 Apr 1945)

3e) Emmanuelle Claire Constance Marie (St.Benin d'Azy 22 Sep 1925-London 14 Apr 2000); m.St.Benin d'Azy (civ) 22 Jul 1955 (rel) 23 Jul 1955 (div 1967) Richard Tyser (b.Chelsea 16 Jan 1930)

4e) Léopold Emmanuel Marie Réginald Jean Elie (St.Benin d'Azy 17 Nov 1926-Brussels 7 Jul 1997); m.St.Gilles 23 Nov 1956 Monique Minette d'Oulhaye (Brussels 25 Apr 1923- Brussels 12 Dec 1979)

1f) Emmanuel Léopold Jean Marc Réginald Marie Gobert (b.Uccle 28 Aug 1957); m.Paris (civ) 23 May 1985 (rel) 25 May 1985 Maria-Luisa Uribe Gaviria (b.Bogotá 20 Sep 1964)

1g) Léopold Emmanuel Jean Diego Gustavo (b.Salamanca 14 Jun 1988)

2g) Jean Diego Patrick Antoine Francis (b.Mullingar, Ireland 18 Dec 1994)

2f) Henri Jean Humbert Marie Gobert (b.Nevers 28 Sep 1958); m.Solre 25 Jun 1994 Maria del Socorro Patino Fernandez de Cordoba (b.Popayen, Colombia 6 Feb 1964)

1g) Anne Monique Yolande Maria del Socorro Goberta (b.Luxemburg 15 Aug 1995)

2g) Anita (b.Luxemburg 1 Sep 1996); note: this child is not listed in 2004 GHdA

3g) Philippe-Emmanuel Réginald Henri Antoine (b.Luxemburg 9 Dec 1997)

4g) Henri-Alexandre Marc Léopold Luciano (b.Couvet, Switzerland 31 Dec 2002)

3f) Jacqueline Constance Marie Elisabeth Gobertine (b.Uccle 10 May 1960)

4f) Eléonore Diana Gobertine (b.Uccle 13 Aug 1964); m.Neuchâtel, Switzerland 12 Apr 1999 (div 2007) Albert Plateau (b.Mons 25 Sep 1956)

5e) Florence Paule Thérèse Marie Léopoldine (b.St.Benin d'Azy 14 Dec 1927); m.St.Benin d'Azy (civ) 22 Jul 1955 (rel) 23 Jul 1955 Léopold Cte de Lannoy (Woluwe-St-Pierre 10 Nov 1926-21 Mar 2011)

6e) Catherine Hélène Isabelle Marie Léopoldine (St.Benin d'Azy 1 Apr 1929-Paris 10 May 1992)

7e) Jacqueline Rose Marie Denyse Léopoldine (b.St.Benin d'Azy 8 Aug 1930); m.St.Benin d'Azy 23 Jun 1962 Silvano de Freitas Branco, Vscde do Porto da Cruz (b.Funchal, Madeira 29 Sep 1925)

8e) Emmanuelle Thérèse Marie Anna Léopoldine (b.St.Benin d'Azy 22 Feb 1932); m.St.Benin d'Azy 7 Jan 1971 (div) Olivier Charbonneaux (Saint Dizier 12 Dec 1942-2010)

3d) Réginald Charles Alfred, "Serene Highness" 8 Jan 1934 (London 26 Sep 1878-Woluwe- St-Pierre 13 Apr 1961); m.Brussels 25 Oct 1920 Isabelle Pss de Ligne (Brussels 23 Sep 1889- Brussels 11 Dec 1968)

1e) Yolande Marie Ernestine Emma (Brussels 22 Feb 1924-château de Bellignies 11 Jul 2001)

2e) Diane Marie Léopoldine Jacqueline Ernestine Emmanuelle (b.Brussels 25 Jan 1927)

2c) Edouard (Le Roeulx 13 Sep 1843-Saffig 3 Apr 1914)

3c) Gustave Ferdinand Guillaume Alfred (Dülmen 19 May 1845-Le Roeulx 3 Sep 1889); m.Paris 15 Jun 1868 Louise de Croix (Paris 28 Mar 1842-Drée 5 May 1916)

1d) Marguerite Constance Louise Marie (Le Roeulx 1 Oct 1869-Château Lugny les Charolles 23 Sep 1950); m.Paris 28 Jun 1895 Théodule Cte de Gramont (Villersexel 10 Nov 1865-Lugny les Charolles 23 Dec 1940)

2d) Auguste Marie Gustave Etienne Charles Emmanuel, entered the Belgian nobility (Serene Highness) 17 Feb 1927 (Le Roeulx 18 Oct 1872-Paris 4 Jun 1932); m.Héverlé 2 Dec 1896 Marie-Salvatrix Pss and Dss von Arenberg (Héverlé 26 Apr 1874-Le Roeulx 9 May 1956)

1e) Eléonore Dorothée Sophie Léopoldine Amélie Antoinette Marie Gabrielle (Héverlé 19 Sep 1897-Chantilly 20 Oct 1990); m.Paris (civ) 24 Apr 1925 (rel) 25 Apr 1925 Guy Cte de La Rochefoucauld (Paris 14 May 1894-Paris 23 Jan 1952)

2e) Etienne-Gustave Emmanuel Antoine Engelbert Marie, Pr de Croy du Roeulx 27 Oct 1947 (Brussels 9 Sep 1898-Brussels 8 Jan 1990); m.Paris 12 Jul 1922 Alyette de Pomereu (Paris 4 Mar 1903-Andresy 17 Jul 1998)

1f) Rodolphe Etienne Alexandre Antoine Marie (b.Paris 8 Apr 1924); m.1st Angerville-Bailleul (civ) 30 Nov 1945 (rel) 15 Dec 1945 (div 1954) Odile Marie Emmanuele de Bailleul (b.Paris 5 Aug 1926); m.2d Paris 26 Jan 1967 Hélène Marie Jeanne Léone de Pierre de Bernis-Calvière (Paris 27 Dec 1937-Brussels 31 Aug 1995); m.3d 24 Oct 1998 Bérengère Marie Catherine Solange de Nattes (b.Nogent-le-Rotrou 15 Aug 1948)

1g) Olivier Etienne Joseph Rodolphe Antoine Marie (b.Neuilly-sur-Seine 1 Jun 1948); m.(civ) Biereek 6 Jul 1981 (rel) Korbeek-Lo 11 Jul 1981 Isabelle Bochholtz (b.Orp-le-Grand, Belgium 25 May 1954)

1h) Marguerite Jacqueline Marie Désirée (b.Uccle 10 Jan 1982); m.Le Roeulx 13 Jun 2009 Charles Arthur de Clermont-Tonnerre (b.20 Feb 1983)

2h) Hadrien Etienne Georges André Hélène Aldo (b.Uccle 9 Sep 1983)

3h) Alexandra (b.Uccle 9 Jul 1988)

2g) Alyette Isabelle Odyle Marie (b.Neuilly-sur-Seine 13 Jul 1951); m.Neuilly-sur-Seine 23 Jan 1976 (div 2002) Charles Antoine Pr de Ligne de La Trémoïlle (b.Boulogne-Billancourt 30 Sep 1946)

3g) Maximilien Marc Antoine Ghislain Jacques Etienne (b.Brussels 9 May 1971); m.Sprimont 11 Oct 2003 Manon Charlier (b.Liège 11 Jun 1971)

2f) Philippe Robert Etienne (Paris 13 May 1928-Chesnay 24 Jun 2006); m.New York 25 Sep 1967 Denise-Melina Lannegrâce (b.Nantes 12 Aug 1926)

3e) Emmanuel Engelbert (b.and d.Le Roeulx 2 Feb 1904)

4e) Alexandre (Le Roeulx 12 Oct 1905-Drée 3 May 1929)

5e) Marie-Claire Emma Engelberte Antoinette (Le Roeulx 25 Sep 1907-Brussels 30 Apr 2000); m.Le Roeulx (civ) 13 Jun 1926 (rel) 14 Jun 1926 Amaury Pr de Merode (Everberg 3 Oct 1902-Louvain 17 May 1980)

6e) Gustave Théodule Ferdinand Joseph Antoine Marie Pr de Croÿ du Roeulx 27 Oct 1947 (Le Roeulx 21 Aug 1911-Brussels 25 Nov 1993); m.Brussels 24 Jun 1959 Renée Lelarge (Huy 9 May 1908-Uccle 26 Feb 1990)

3d) Constance (Paris 15 Apr 1878-Echelles 1 Oct 1943); m.Paris 7 Jul 1903 Elzéar Cte de Sabran-Pontevès (d.Villecresmes 20 Nov 1940)

4d) Alix (Le Roeulx 9 Aug 1884-Paris 15 Jul 1967); m.Paris 22 Jan 1907 René de Croix, Cte de Castries (4 Apr 1876-Paris 16 Oct 1950)

5d) Pauline Marie Magdalene (Le Roeulx 11 Jan 1887-Paris 14 Apr 1987)

4c) Emma Henriette (Le Roeulx 27 Feb 1858-Pau Feb 1934)

2b) Augustine (Brussels 7 Aug 1815-Cleves 10 Mar 1886); m.Le Roeulx 13 Jun 1836 Alfred Fst zu Salm-Salm (Anholt 27 Dec 1814-Anholt 5 Oct 1886)

3b) Maximilien Pr de Croy-Havré (Brussels 21 Jan 1821-Le Roeulx 13 Oct 1865)

4b) Juste Marie Fernand Victurnien (Paris 19 Feb 1824-Brussels 7 Dec 1908); m.Brussels 28 Sep 1854 Marie Css d'Ursel (Brussels 17 Sep 1833-Brussels 18 Apr 1885)

1c) Marie Josèphe (Brussels 8 Mar 1856-Wez-Velvain 1 Oct 1914); m.Brussels 10 Oct 1882 Adolphe Cte du Chastel de La Howarderie (Wez-Velvain 5 Jun 1851-Capelle 7 Nov 1918)

2c) Sophie (Brussels 15 Feb 1858-Wez-Velvain 26 May 1933)

3c) Henri, entered the Belgian nobility and recognized as Pr de Croÿ 14 Jul 1884 (Brussels 8 Mar 1860-Rumillies 6 Feb 1946); m.London 26 Nov 1936 Cornelia Paumier (Jersey City, New Jersey 4 Oct 1877-Ghlin 17 Dec 1943)

4c) Alfred (Le Roeulx 17 Dec 1862-Zug, Switzerland 28 Nov 1934)

5c) Ferdinand Charles Joseph Leo Marie, entered the Belgian nobility as Prince de Croÿ 26 Jan 1892 (Le Roeulx 4 May 1867-Louvain 8 May 1958)

6c) Charles Joseph Henri Marie, entered Belgian nobility as Prince de Croÿ 26 Jan 1892 (Le Roeulx 19 May 1869-Rumillies 29 May 1943); m.Rumillies (civ) 14 Apr 1896 (rel) 15 Apr 1896 Mathilde Css de Robiano (Rumillies 6 Feb 1868-Rumillies 19 Sep 1946)

1d) Marie Madeleine Mathilde Gérardine (Rumillies 10 Jun 1897-Köln 3 Aug 1957)

2d) Albert Marie Henri Gérard (Rumillies 24 Feb 1900-Rumillies 26 Oct 1981)

3d) Mathilde Marie Gérardine Sébastienne (Rumillies 20 Jan 1902-Etterbeek 17 Mar 1998); m.Rumillies (civ) 30 Jun 1926 (rel) 1 Jul 1926 Charles Marquis d'Yve de Bavay (Bois de Lessines 8 May 1885-Brussels 18 Mar 1982)

4d) Marie-Immaculée Claire Elisabeth Gérardine Marguerite (Rumillies 16 Oct 1905-Huldenburg 23 Jan 2007); m.Rumillies (civ) 7 Sep 1926 (rel) 8 Sep 1926 Thierry Gf von Limburg-Stirum (Brussels 28 Dec 1904-Huldenburg 13 Dec 1968)

5d) Emmanuel Marie Joseph Pierre Gérard (Rumillies 24 Apr 1908-Brussels 6 Nov 1997); m.(civ) Rumillies 7 Aug 1944 (rel) Overijse 12 Aug 1944 Css Nicole de Marnix de Sainte-Aldegonde (Overijse 25 Jun 1919-Kraainem 6 Feb 2011)

1e) Isabelle Gabrielle Marie Emmanuelle Mathilde Jeanne Gaétane Ghislaine (b.Etterbeek 4 Jul 1945); m.(civ) Kraainem 1 Mar 1968 (rel) Rumillies 14 Mar 1968 Wolfgang Cte d'Ursel (b.Grez-Doiceau 1 Mar 1936)

2e) Marie Gabrielle Gaétane Thérèse Nicole Ghislaine (b.Rumillies 4 Dec 1946); m.Kraainem (civ) 25 Aug 1971 (rel) 3 Sep 1971 Adrien Pr de Merode (b.Woking, Surrey 16 Apr 1946)

3e) Guillaume Gabriel Joseph Juste Pierre Gaétan Marie Ghislain (b.Rumillies 10 Apr 1950); m.Venice 16 Dec 1989 Isabelle Gfn von Collalto und San Salvatore (b.Frankfurt 26 Apr 1960)

1f) Emanuel Manfredo Juste Pr de Croy-Collalto (in Italy, 27 Jul 1994) (b.Uccle 9 Dec 1990)

2f) Violette Maria Trinidad Giuliana (b.Tournai 12 Feb 1995)

4e) Charles Louis Gabriel Joseph Gaétan Marie Ghislain (b.Rumillies 17 Jun 1951)

6d) Jean Marie Ignace Joseph Gérard (Rumillies 8 Oct 1910-Rumillies 25 Apr 1990)

7c) Joseph Emmanuel Marie Sophie Ignace (Brussels 20 Feb 1873-Verviers 25 Oct 1968); m.Paris 9 Feb 1904 Geneviève Collinet de la Salle (Tarbes 22 Nov 1883-Spa 18 Oct 1937)

1d) Marie Elisabeth Madeleine (Brussels 30 Oct 1904-Verviers 23 Jul 1972)

2d) Marguerite Geneviève Marie Françoise Ghislaine (Spa 11 Jul 1912-Verviers 4 May 2001)

3d) Hélène Elisabeth Marie (Brussels 20 Feb 1916-Liège 10 Jan 1980)

3a) Philipp Franz (Vienna 26 Nov 1801-Ems 2 Aug 1871); m.Anholt 28 Jul 1824 Johanna Pss zu Salm-Salm (Anholt 5 Aug 1796-Düsseldorf 22 Nov 1868)

1b) Johanne (Anholt 2 Jun 1825-Meran 8 Jan 1890); m.Potsdam 20 Jun 1848 Konstantin Gf von Benckendorff (d.Paris 29 Jan 1858)

2b) Leopold (5 May 1827-Vienna 5 Aug 1894); m.1st Venice 20 Jan 1864 Beatrix Gfn Nugent von Westmeath (Naples 1819 [1822?]-Vienna 26 Mar 1880); m.2d Politschen, Bohemia 5 May 1881 Rosa Gfn von Sternberg (Gyöngyös 16 Mar 1836-Vienna 15 May 1918)

3b) Alexander Gustav August (Berlin 21 Aug 1828-Buchberg am Kamp 5 Dec 1887); m.Laer, Westfalen 4 Aug 1863 Elisabeth Maria Gfn von Westphalen zu Fürstenberg (Münster 14 Jun 1834-Buchberg 30 Oct 1910)

1c) Kunigunde (Buchberg 30 May 1864-Habichen 8 Apr 1931)

2c) Karl (Buchberg 6 Jun 1866-Gars am Kamp 4 Feb 1923)

3c) Elisabeth Marie Stephanie Josephine (Marienloh 2 Aug 1868-Gars am Kamp 22 Oct 1960)

4c) Wilhelm Hubert Ernst (Buchberg 6 Oct 1869-Tulln, Lower Austria 18 Apr 1918); m.Arad 15 Sep 1898 Desideria Rónay de Zombor (Kis-Zombor 11 May 1874-Graz 6 Sep 1935)

1d) Stephan Alexander Maria Wilhelm (Paulis, Hungary 7 Aug 1899-Tulsa, Oklahoma 3 Sep 1966); m.Houston, Texas 21 Jun 1928 Beatrix Taylor (Beaumont, Texas 2 Feb 1904-Harris County, Oklahoma 4 Sep 1969)

2d) Dorothea Elisabeth Maria Anna (Pörtschach 19 Oct 1900-9 Feb 1966); m.Billignies 11 Aug 1926 Louis Olry Lusson (Ardmore, Pennsylvania 26 Mar 1893-Nov 1972)

3d) Helene Elisabeth Maria Anna (Pörtschach 30 Jul 1902-19__)

4d) Elisabeth Kunigunde Maria Anna (Wildon, Styria 2 Mar 1904-k.Vienna 1944); m.Graz 30 Oct 1924 (div 1930) Sepp Brandl

5d) Marie Helene Leopold Elisabeth Anna (Graz 11 Jan 1912-Charleston, South Carolina 1 Apr 2007)

5c) Leopold (Buchberg 11 Oct 1871-Buchberg 23 Oct 1934)

6c) Klemens Maria Hubertus Joseph Alexander (Buchberg 31 Mar 1873-Vienna 23 Nov 1926); m.Vienna 31 Jan 1903 Christiane Pss von Auersperg (Slatinan, Bohemia 24 Nov 1878-Carlslust, Lower Austria 16 May 1945)

1d) Franz (Buchberg 8 Nov 1903-Innsbruck 5 Sep 1918)

2d) Marie Elisabeth Christiane Wilhelmine Antonia Kunigunde (Buchberg 17 Jun 1905-Graz 6 May 1971); m.Buchberg 20 Apr 1933 Eugen Gf von Waldstein, Hr von Wartenberg (St.Pölten 20 Jan 1905-Karlslust 11 Oct 1967)

3d) Wilhelmine Maria Christiane Elisabeth Antonia (Vienna 18 May 1906-Authal 7 Apr 1990); m.Buchberg 15 May 1944 Anton Pr von Croÿ (1893-1973; above)

4d) Marie Gabriele Wilhelmine Karoline Christiane Antonia (Vienna 11 Apr 1908-Spillern 27 Nov 1958)

5d) Karl Franz Antonius Klemens Alexander Kaspar Melchior Balthasar (Vienna 7 Jan 1912-Vienna 10 Mar 1983); m.1st Graz 7 Sep 1939 Barbara Frn Söll von und zu Teissenegg auf Stainburg (Graz 24 Jan 1906-Spillern bei Stockerau 27 Nov 1958); m.2d Vienna 4 May 1977 Eva Maria Winckhler von Winckelstein (Budapest 21 Jul 1909-Vienna 14 Apr 1985)

1e) Ferdinand Maria Carl Clemens Franz Judas Thaddäus (b.Buchberg 23 Jun 1940); m.Ladendorf 4 Apr 1972 (div 2004) Marie Antoinette Huck (b.Göttingen 8 Feb 1948)

1f) Clemens (b.Vienna 13 Aug 1974)

2e) Elisabeth Maria Brigitte Christiane Barbara (b.Buchberg 21 Dec 1941); m.Vienna 4 Jun 1966 (div 1980) Albrecht Frhr von dem Bongart (b.Vienna 9 Jan 1940)

3e) Christiane Maria Elvira Antonia Thaddäus (b.Buchberg 11 Feb 1945); m.Salzburg 25 Nov 1978 Johann Andreas Rr von Miller zu Aichholz (b.New York 27 Oct 1940)

6d) Franziska Maria Elisabeth Wilhelmine Christiane Antonie Martina (Vienna 30 Jan 1917-Vienna 23 Oct 1991); m.Buchberg 30 May 1943 Josef Gf Schall-Riaucour (Gaußig 20 Sep 1908- Dresden 15 Apr 1944)

7d) Agathe Maria Elisabeth Christiane Antonie (Vienna 15 Aug 1920-Vienna 26 Jul 1993); m.Kitzbühel, Tyrol 30 Oct 1955 Johannes Hasslwandter (Kitzbühel 15 Aug 1911-Kitzbühel 22 Oct 1977)

7c) Alexander Marie August Stephan Klemens (Buchberg 31 Mar 1873-Bad Ischl 10 Jul 1937); m.Vienna 19 Nov 1908 Mathilde Gfn von Stockau (Vienna 27 Apr 1881-Bad Ischl 20 Apr 1949)

1d) Anton Philipp Maria Josef Ignatius Georg Alexander (Königsfeld 1 Sep 1909-Kitzbühel 3 Mar 1976); m.1st Rauden 11 Nov 1940 (div 1948) Clementine Pss von Ratibor und Corvey, zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst (Rauden 24 Apr 1918-Munich 5 Nov 2005); m.2d The Hague 8 Jun 1964 Margriet Krayenbrink (b.The Hague 5 Jan 1932)

1e) Alexandra Marie Sybille Sophie (b.Rauden 31 Dec 1941); m.Corvey 15 Sep 1963 Alexander Gf von Bismarck-Schönhausen (London 20 Feb 1935-Hamburg 19 Dec 1992)

2e) Franz Clemens Viktor Maria (b.Corvey 25 Sep 1946)

3e) Margaretha Patricia (b.St.Johann, Tyrol 22 Dec 1964); m.Brooklyn, New York 28 Sep 1999 Franz-Martin Gf v.Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg (b.London 16 Feb 1964)

2d) Elisabeth (Königsfeld 14 Feb 1911-Vienna 15 Apr 1985); m.Vienna 12 May 1942 Heimdall Gf zu Stolberg-Wernigerode (Potsdam 23 Dec 1904-m.i.a.Stalingrad 9 Dec 1942)

3d) Alexander Georg Maria Ignatius (Königsfeld 27 Nov 1912-London 3 May 2002); m.1st London 17 Feb 1938 (div 1968) Anne Campbell (London 16 Aug 1917-Munich 27 May 1986); m.2d London 25 Jul 1978 Ethel Evelyn Primrose Winch (b.London 22 Mar 1928)

1e) Charlotte Alexandra Marie Clotilde (b.London 31 Dec 1938); m.1st (civ) Langenburg 5 Jun 1965 (rel) Schloß Zwingenberg 16 Jul 1965 (div 1990) Kraft Fst zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (Schwäbisch Hall 25 Jun 1935-Schloß Langenburg 16 Mar 2004); m.2d Frankfurt 23 Jun 1993 Johann Frhr von Twickel (b.Berlin 25 Jul 1940)

2e) Emma Rosanne (b.Sutton, Sussex 30 Dec 1943); m.Aurach 8 Jun 1964 (div) Ferdinand Gf von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee (Waldsee 17 Dec 1933-Kitzbühel 13 Jun 2001)

3e) Maximilian Richard Alexander (b.London 2 Jun 1946); m.Salzburg 26 Jul 1974 Christine Kruetschnigg [Krutschnik] (b.1 Jun 1948)

1f) Oliver Jan (b.Kitzbühel 29 Aug 1970); m.Copenhagen 15 Dec 2008 Henrikke Nielsen (b.Frederikshavn 31 Aug 1973)

1g) Rosmarie (b.Berlin 11 Nov 2007)

2f) Alexander Christian (b.Kitzbühel 22 Dec 1974)

4d) Eveline Maria Franziska Elisabeth Ignatia Aloysia (Altenbuch 5 Jun 1914-Vienna 20 Jun 1988); m.Vienna 15 May 1940 Oswald Gf von Kielmansegg (Wiener-Neustadt 30 Dec 1908- Vienna 12 Feb 2002)

5d) Marie-Rose Aloisia Mathilde (Altenbuch 29 Mar 1916-Paffenhofen 25 Jan 2001); m.Vienna 31 Jan 1942 Gotthard Gf Schaffgotsch gt Semperfrei von und zu Kynast und Greiffenstein (Warmbrunn 5 Sep 1914-Scheidegg 7 Sep 1997)

8c) Marie (b.and d.1874)

4b) Stephanie (Anholt 7 Oct 1831-Eltville 22 May 1907)

5b) Amalie (Düsseldorf 18 Nov 1835-Steyl, Limburg 15 May 1897)

6b) Marie (Düsseldorf 2 Feb 1837-Berlin 1 Apr 1915); m.Paris 2 May 1859 Carl Fst Lichnowsky (Grätz 19 Dec 1819-Grätz 18 Oct 1901)

7b) August Philipp (Düsseldorf 19 Mar 1840-Düsseldorf 29 Jun 1913); m.Anholt 30 Nov 1871 Adelheid Pss zu Salm-Salm (Anholt 21 Jan 1840-Paderborn 22 Aug 1916)

1c) Emanuel (Berlin 14 Jul 1874-Nov 1949)

2c) Leopoldine (Nieder-Walluf 22 Jun 1876-12 Mar 1947)

4a) Stéphanie (5 Jun 1805-Lissa 27 Sep 1884); m.3 Oct 1825 Benjamin Pr von Rohan Pr de Guéménée, Rochefort et Montauban (d.Prague 5 Aug 1846)

5a) Gustav (Brussels 12 Mar 1823-Le Roeulx 16 Jul 1844)

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