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The Association of the Arundell
Counts of the Holy Roman Empire

All descendants of the 1st Count Thomas Arundell of Wardour, have the Universal Right to the formal usage of the Imperial Titles of Count or Countess of the Holy Roman Empire, being issued within the Imperial Letters Patent dated the 14th day of December in the year of Our Lord 1595 by Decree of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II. The Association and Imperial Order of the Nobility of the Holy Roman Empire (SACRI ROMANI IMPERII NOBILIUM ORDO), has formally issued a decree to ratify the right of claim of all descendants of the body of the 1st Count Thomas Arundell of Wardour of the Holy Roman Empire, to the Titles and Styles of the aforesaid Imperial Count.

The Chancellor and Grand Master of the Association and Imperial Order, has granted by Imperial Decree and Letters, the right of usage of the appellation style and title of Excellency, upon all descendants of the 1st Count Thomas Arundell of Wardour, who may formally Petition the Association for full recognition of their rights to the Imperial Titles of Count or Countess of the Holy Roman Empire, and to be listed upon the official register of the Imperial Rolls of the Nobility of the Holy Roman Empire, which will be granted with full rights of usage to the Armorial Bearings of the aforementioned 1st Count Thomas Arundell, by sanction and decree of the Holy Roman Empire Association and Imperial Order. Those descendants of Count Thomas Arundell of Wardour who wish to petition for the Imperial Rank and Title of Count of the Holy Roman Empire, you may visit their website or email the Holy Roman Empire Association - Associazioni dei Nobili del Sacro Romano Impero: contact@holyromanempireassociation.org - This would be of great interest to those who may have a claim to the Imperial Title of Count or Countess of the Holy Roman Empire.


The Roll of Honour of the Present Heirs and Counts Arundell of Wardour

H.E. Count / Graf Travis Lee Odell Arundell of Wardour
( Count of the Holy Roman Empire )

H.E. Count / Graf Brian Joseph Arundell of Wardour
( Count of the Holy Roman Empire )

H.E. Count / Graf Edward Detwiler Arundell of Wardour
( Count of the Holy Roman Empire )

H.E. Count / Graf William Arundell of Wardour
( Count of the Holy Roman Empire )

H.E. Count / Graf Ronald Earl Hawkins Arundell of Wardour
( Count of the Holy Roman Empire )

H.Ill.H. Count / Graf James Cole Humphrey Arundell of Wardour,
( Princely Count of the Holy Roman Empire )

H.E. Countess / Graefin Janis LaRayne Hastings-Arundell of Wardour
( Countess of the Holy Roman Empire )

H.E. Countess / Graefin Susan Jordan Howard Arundell of Wardour
( Countess of the Holy Roman Empire )

H.E. Count / Graf  Matthew James Kennedy Arundell of Wardour
( Count of the Holy Roman Empire )

H.E. Count / Graf Gary Waldron-Arundell of Wardour 
( Count of the Holy Roman Empire )

H.E. Count / Graf Kenneth Thurmond-Arundell of Wardour 
( Count of the Holy Roman Empire )

 H.E. Countess / Graefin Julie Piggott-Arundell of Wardour
( Countess of the Holy Roman Empire )

H.E. Count / Graf Peter John Wise-Arundell of Wardour
( Count of the Holy Roman Empire )

  H.E. Countess / Graefin Louise Ann Stephen-Arundell of Wardour
( Countess of the Holy Roman Empire )


The Imperial Letters Patent of 1595 for Thomas Arundell of Wardour

The Imperial Letters Patent of 1595 granting Thomas Arundell of Wardour the Imperial Title of Count of the Holy Roman Empire. The Translation: We have desired not to forget the notable virtues by which more and more you bring honour to your distinguished race at home and abroad, as when first you imbued your mind with the liberal arts, you went to foreign provinces, you saw many customs and many cities, you learned the use of great things, and finally out of such distant and remote places you came animated by a rare and singular zeal in Hungary at your own expense to this sacred war that we are waging against the Turkish host, common enemy of the Christian name; you conducted yourself bravely and vigorously in open battles and in sieges,  that you were greatly commended by the Most Serene Prince Archduke Mathias our dearest brother and by the first commanders of our army to Our admiration and that of all nations, for this notable example among others observed in the storming of the citadel of Víziváros near Esztergom, when you seized the Turkish standard with your own hand and offered yourself to be seen at the very beginning of the battle, but we have desired to kindly honour you and your legitimate descendants by some eminent mark of our grace.


 Above: The Battle of Gran, Hungary, 1686.

Therefore of our own motion, certain knowledge, mature deliberation and with good counsel, and in the plenitude of our Imperial authority and power, We have created, made and appointed you, the said Thomas Arundell , whose kinship with counts is already accepted by the more prominent in England, and to all and singular your natural heirs, successors and legitimate descendants of either sex to be born in perpetual succession, true Counts and Countesses of the Holy Roman Empire, and by this title, honour and dignity of Imperial Count we have raised and distinguished you, as by these present we create, make, appoint, raise and distinguish you, willing and by this our imperial edict valid in perpetuity ordaining firmly and expressly that you, said Thomas Arundell, and all your issue and legitimate posterity male and female in infinity might and shall hold, receive and obtain the name and dignity of Count of the Empire henceforth for all times and be honored, called and known by it in all pronouncements written and verbal in all matters spiritual and temporal, ecclesiastic and lay, and finally that you might and shall  use, enjoy, and possess, freely and without any impediment, all honors, ornaments, dignities, graces, liberties, privileges, rights, concessions, customs, preeminences and prerogatives such as our other Counts of the Holy Roman Empire use, enjoy, and possess, by right or custom.


The Imperial chasuble made for Thomas, 1st Lord Arundell of Wardour, Count-Imperial of the Holy Roman Empire.

Notwithstanding any thing to the contrary even if such should exist of which in these present special and express mention should have been made, to which any and all things insofar as they are or could in any way be contrary we of our imperial authority knowingly derogate and want and declare by these present that have been sufficiently derogated; and the rights and superiorities of the Most Serene Princess and Lady Elizabeth, queen of England, France and Ireland our dearest sister and cousin always inviolate and saved. And thus be it permitted to no man of whatever rank, status, order, condition and dignity they might be or whatever eminence they might hold,  to transgress or be so bold as to dare contravene this page of our confirmation, ratification, approbation, corroboration, erection, authority, will, grace and decree. And whosoever should do so, he will find himself incuring our most serious wrath and that of the Holy Roman Empire and the pain of one hundred marks of pure gold, of which half we grant to our imperial treasury and the rest to the usage of those who have suffered injury, removing any hope of relief or pardon.  In witness these letters signed by our hand and our Imperial seal appended. Given in our royal city of Prague, the 14th day of December the year of the Lord 1595, of our reign of the Romans the 21st, of Hungary the 24th and of Bohemia the 21st. Rudolph, By his Imperial Majesty's command Johann Barwitz.  


The Genealogy of the Counts and Barons Arundell of Wardour - 1605-1944  

Creation: let.pat. 4 May 1605, Extinct: 25 Sep 1944, Family name: Arundell  

Arms: Sable six Martlets three two and one Argent, Crest: 

A Wolf passant argent, Dexter:  A Lion guardant Erminois 

ducally crowned Or;  Sinister:  An Owl wings displayed and

 inverted Ermine ducally crowned Or, Motto: Deo data


Thomas [Arundell], 1st Baron Arundell of Wardour 

1st son and heir of Sir Matthew Arundell, of Wardour Castle, 

co. Wiltshire (by his wife and second cousin Margaret Willoughby,

 only dau. of Sir Henry Willoughby, of Wollaton, co. Nottingham, 

by his wife Lady Anne Grey, 4th dau. of Thomas [Grey], 2nd Marquess

 of Dorset), 1st son and heir of Sir Thomas Arundell, of Wardour 

Castle, co. Wiltshire (by his wife Margaret Howard, sister of Queen

 Catherine Howard, and 1st dau. and eventual cohrss. of Lord Edmund

 Howard), 2nd son of Sir John Arundell, of Lanherne, co. Cornwall, 

by his first wife Lady Eleanor Grey, 7th dau. by his second wife 

of Thomas [Grey], 1st Marquess of Dorset born c. 1560

mar. (1) after 19 Jun 1585 Lady Mary Wriothesley (bur. 27 Jun 1607),

 only dau. of Henry [Wriothesley], 2nd Earl of Southampton, by his 

wife Hon Mary Browne, only dau. by his first wife of Anthony [Browne],

 1st Viscount Montagu, children by first wife

1. Hon Thomas Arundell, later 2nd Baron Arundell of Wardour

2. Hon William Arundell, of Horningsham, co. Wiltshire, mar. 22 Oct 

1627 his second cousin Hon Mary Paulet (widow of Lord William Paulet,

 styled Earl of Wiltshire, 1st son and heir of William [Paulet], 4th 

Marquess of Winchester; d. 13 Nov 1692), 1st dau. of Anthony Maria 

[Browne], 2nd Viscount Montagu, by his wife Lady Jane Sackville, 2nd

 dau. of Thomas [Sackville], 1st Earl of Dorset, and had issue:

1a. Mark Arundell, of Horningsham, co. Wiltshire (dsp.)

2a. Charles Arundell (killed at the Battle of Worcester 1649), mar. 

Lady Mary Talbot (mar. (2) Mervyn [Tuchet], 4th Earl of Castlehaven), 

3rd dau. of John [Talbot], 10th Earl of Shrewsbury, by his first wife

 Mary Fortescue, dau. of Sir Francis Fortescue, of Salden Hill, co. 

Buckingham, and had issue:

1b. Charles Arundell, of Horningsham, co. Wiltshire, mar., and had issue:

1c. Mary Arundell, mar. bef. 1708 John Biddulph, of Biddulph, and had issue

1a. Mary Arundell (d, 24 Dec 1698), mar. Sir 

Henry Tichborne, 3rd Bt., and had issue 


2a. Katherine Arundell (d. 4 Mar 1642)

1. Hon Elizabeth Mary Arundell. mar. after 14 Jun 1606 as 

his first wife Sir John Philpot, of Compton, and had issue

mar. (2) 1 Jul 1608 Anne Philipson (d. 28 Jun 1637), 3rd dau. 

of Miles Philipson, of Crook, co. Westmorland, by his wife 

Barbara Sandys, sister and cohrss. of Francis Sandys, of 

Conishead, co. Lancaster

children by second wife

3. Hon Matthew Arundell (b. 1609; dvp. 1620)

2. Hon Catherine Arundell (d. Aug or Sep 1657), mar. 1 Nov 

1627 Hon Ralph Eure, of Bishop Middleham, co. York (b. c. 1602;

 dvp. c. 1640), 1st son and heir ap. of William [Eure], 4th 

Baron Eure, by his wife Lucy Noel, sister of Edward [Noel], 

2nd Viscount Campden, and dau. of Sir Andrew Noel, of Brooke,

 co. Rutland, and Dalby, co. Leicester, and had issue

3. Hon Mary Arundell, mar. Lord John Somerset, 2nd son of Henry

 [Somerset], 1st Marquess of Worcester, by his wife Hon Anne 

Russell, only surv. child of John [Russell], 3rd Baron Russell 

(by his wife Elizabeth Hoby, widow of Sir Thomas Hoby, of Bisham,

 co. Berkshire, and dau. of Sir Anthony Cooke, of Gidea Hall in 

Romford, co. Essex), 2nd son by his first wife of Francis 

[Russell], 2nd Earl of Bedford, and had issue

4. Hon Anne Arundell (b. c. 1615; d. 23 Jul 1649; bur. at Tisbury, 

co. Wiltshire), mar. after 20 Mar 1627/8 Cecil [Calvert], 2nd 

Baron Baltimore, and had issue

5. Hon Frances Arundell (dsp. 2 May 1652), mar. bef. 15 Feb 

1647/8 as his second wife John [Talbot], 10th Earl of Shrewsbury

6. Hon Margaret Arundell (b. 1620), mar. as his first wife Sir

 John Fortescue, 2nd Bt., of Salden, co. Bedford, and had issue

7. Hon Clara Arundell (b. 1620), mar. after 7 Jul 1638 Humphrey

 Weld, of Lulworth, co. Dorset, and had issue died 7 Nov 1639


created 14 Dec 1595 Count of the Holy Roman Empire 

4 May 1605 Baron Arundell of Wardour, of

 Wardour in the County of Wiltshire

suc. by son by first wife

note: imprisoned 1580 for his zeal as a Roman Catholic, but 

in 1588 subscribed £100 toward defeating the Spanish Armada; 

served as a volunteer in the Imperial Army from 1588, fighting

 against the Turks and captured a standard from them at Gran 

in Hungary; created a Count of the Holy Roman Empire by Emperor

 Rudolph II 1595; on his return to England he met an adverse 

reaction to his new dignity, being committed to the Fleet Prison

 for two months and banished from court; knighted c. 1598

Thomas [Arundell], 2nd Baron Arundell of Wardour

born c. 1586

mar. bef. 11 May 1607 Lady Blanche Somerset (d. 28 Oct 

1649), 6th dau. of Edward [Somerset], 4th Earl of Worcester,

 by his wife Lady Elizabeth Hastings, 4th dau. of Francis 

[Hastings], 2nd Earl of Huntingdon, children


1. Hon Henry Arundell, later 3rd Baron Arundell of Wardour


1. Hon Katherine Arundell, mar. Francis 

Cornwallis, 2nd son of Sir Charles Cornwallis


2. Hon Anne Arundell, mar. Roger Vaughan, of

Salisbury, and had issue died 19 May 1643 suc. by son

note raised a Regiment of Horse for King Charles I; Lady 

Arundell gallantly defended Wardour Castle for nine days 

against the Parliamentary forces under Sir Edward Hungerford,

 but was finally forced to surrender on honourable terms, 

which, however, were not observed, and the castle was sacked 

and Lady Arundell taken as a prisoner to Dorchester; Lord 

Arundell died from wounds received at the Battle of Stratton

Henry [Arundell], 3rd Baron Arundell of Wardour, PC

bapt. 23 Feb 1607/8

mar. Cicely Fermor (b. c. 1610; widow of Sir John Fermor, of

 Somerton, co. Oxford; d. 24 Mar 1675/6), dau. of Hon Sir Henry

 Compton KB, of Brambletye, co. Sussex (by his wife Lady Cicely

 Sackville, 1st dau. by his first wife of Robert [Sackville], 

2nd Earl of Dorset), only child of Henry [Compton], 1st Baron 

Compton, by his second wife Anne Stanley, widow of William 

[Stanley], 3rd Baron Monteagle, and 5th dau. of Sir John 

Spencer MP, of Althorp, co. Northampton


1. Hon Thomas Arundell, later 4th Baron Arundell of Wardour

2. Hon Henry Arundell, mar. after 10 Feb 1675 Mary Kempe 

(widow of Thomas Kempe, of Slindon, co. Sussex), dau. of 

Edmund Scrope, of Danby, co. York, and had three sons, 

all of whom died young

1. Hon Cicely Arundell, a nun at Rouen (d. 1717)

died 28 Dec 1694, suc. by son

note: Master of the Horse to Queen Henrietta Maria; re-took 

Wardour Castle 1644 and destroyed it to prevent it being used

 as a fortress by the Parliamentary forces; found guilty of 

manslaughter 1653 after having been the second to his brother-in-law

 in a successful duel the previous year; imprisoned in the Tower 

of London 1678-84 following accusations by Rev Titus Oates; Privy 

Councillor 1686-89; Lord Privy Seal 1687-88; one of the five Lords

 to whom King James II committed the administration of his affairs 

1688; after the expulsion of King James II he retired from public life

Thomas [Arundell], 4th Baron Arundell of Wardour

born 1633

mar. Margaret Lucy (widow of Robert Lucy, of Charlecote, 

co. Warwick; d. 23 Dec 1704), dau. of Thomas Spencer, 

of Ufton, co. Warwick


1. Hon Henry Arundell, later 5th Baron Arundell of Wardour

died 10 Feb 1711/2, suc. by son

Henry [Arundell], 5th Baron Arundell of Wardour born

mar. betw. 5 and 9 Aug 1691 Elizabeth Panton (d. 9 May 1700), 

sister and cohrss. of Lt Gen Thomas Panton and dau. of Col 

Thomas Panton, of St Martin's-in-the-Fields, co. Middlesex, 

by his wife Dorothy Stacy, dau. of John Stacy, of London, by 

his wife Elinor Blake, dau. of Thomas Blake, of Easton, co. 



1. Hon Henry Arundell, later 

6th Baron Arundell of Wardour

2. Hon Thomas Arundell (b. 1696; d. 6 Apr 1752),

 mar. Anne Mitchell, dau. of John Mitchell

1. Hon Elizabeth Arundell (b. 15 Sep 1693; d. 16 Jun 1743),

 mar. 24 May 1722 James [Tuchet], 6th Earl of Castlehaven,

 and had issue died 20 Apr 1726, suc. by son


Henry [Arundell], 6th Baron Arundell of Wardour

born 4 Oct 1694

mar. (1) after 28 Sep 1716 Elizabeth Eleanor Everard (bapt. 

1 Jan 1696/7; d. 22 May 1728), dau. and hrss. of Raymond 

Everard, of Fethard, co. Tipperary, and of Liège, Belgium, 

a Baron of the Holy Roman Empire, children by first wife

1. Hon Henry Arundell, later 7th Baron Arundell of Wardour

2. Hon Raymond Thomas Arundell (dsp. 11 May 1768), mar. 

19 May 1760 Mary Porter (dsp. 14 Sep 1799), 1st dau. of

 John Porter, of Alfarthing, co. Surrey

3. Hon James Everard Arundell, of Ashcombe, co. Wiltshire 

(d. 20 Mar 1803), mar. 24 Jun 1751 Anne Wyndham (d. 10 Apr 

1796), dau. and hrss. of John Wyndham, of The Close, Salisbury,

 and of Norrington, co. Wiltshire, and had issue:

1a. James Everard Arundell, later 

9th Baron Arundell of Wardour

2a. Thomas Raymond Arundell, of Ashcombe, co. Wiltshire 

(b. 9 Mar 1765; d. 18 Jan 1829), mar. 21 Aug 1792 Elizabeth

 Mary Anne Smythe (d. 3 Feb 1843), only dau. of Sir Edward 

Smythe, 4th Bt., of Acton Burnell, co. Salop, by his second

 wife Hon Mary Clifford, only dau. of Hugh [Clifford], 3rd 

Baron Clifford of Chudleigh, and had issue:

1b. Thomas Raymond Arundell (dvp. an infant)

2b. Henry Raymond Arundell (b. 27 Jun 1799; d. 1886), mar. 

(1) 27 Sep 1827 Mary Isabel Constable (d. 2 Oct 1828), dau. 

of Sir Thomas Hugh Clifford Constable, Bt., and had issue:

1c.Theodore Arundell (b. 17 Jun 1828 ; d. 21 Aug 1868), 

mar. 24 Oct 1854 his cousin Louisa Hussey (d. 3 Apr 1907),

 dau. of John Hussey, of Nash Court, co. Dorset, by his 

wife Mary Christina Arundel, 1st dau. of Thomas Raymond 

Arundell, of Ashcombe, co. Wiltshire, and had issue:

1d. Raymond Robert Arundell (b. 11 Nov 1856; d. 1886)

2d. Edgar Clifford Arundell, later 14th Baron Arundell of Wardour

3d. Gerald Arthur Arundell, later 15th Baron Arundell of Wardour

1d. Agnes Mary Arundell (d. 29 Feb 1912)

2d. Blanche Mary Arundell, a nun at Taunton (d. 6 Nov 1928)

3d. Maud Mary Arundell, mar. 9 Aug 1887 William Maund (d. 1896)

Henry Raymond Arundell mar. (2) 30 Apr 1830 Eliza Gerard (d. 

3 Jun 1872), sister of Robert Tolver [Gerard], 1st Baron Gerard,

 and only dau. of John Gerard, of Windle Hall, co. Lancaster 

(by his wife Elizabeth Ferrers, dau. of Edward Ferrers, of 

Baddesley Clinton, co. Warwick), 3rd son of Sir Robert Cansfield

 Gerard, 9th Bt., of Bryn, co. Lancaster, and had further issue:


2c. Raymond Everard Arundell 

(dvp. young 17 May 1833)


3c. Rodolph Alexis Arundell, worked in Admiralty 

(b. 1837; d. 23 Jan 1877)

4c. Reinfric Thomas Arundell, in the Royal Navy and killed in 

New Zealand in the Second Maori War (b. 16 May 1838; dvp. 1860)

5c. Lt Henry Alphonsus Arundell RN, died at sea 

aboard HMS Bittern (b. 4 Apr 1841; dvp. 19 Jul 1872)

6c. Raymond Ignatius Arundell (dvp. young 27 Mar 1852)

1c. Mary Julia Arundell (dvp. young 1 Jul 1833)

2c. Amy Mary Arundell (dvp. young 20 Sep 1839)

3c. Isabel Arundell (dsp. 22 Mar 1896), mar. 22 Jan 

1861 Capt Sir Richard Burton KCMG, the famous traveller

 and author (dsp. 20 Oct 1890)

4c. Blanche Arundell (d. 21 Sep 1891), mar. 13 Aug 1857 

John Hugh Smyth Pigott, of Brockley Hall, co. Somerset 

(d. 19 Jan 1892), and had issue

5c. Elizabeth Mary Regis Arundell (d. 18 Jan 1902), mar. 

23 Apr 1873 Edward Gerald FitzGerald (d. 1891), yst. son 

of Henry FitzGerald, of Maperton, co. Somerset

6c. Emmeline Mary Arundell (d. 1913), mar. 11 Jul 1877 

Richard Van Zeller, Portuguese Vice-Consul in London 

(d. 3 Sep 1892), and had issue

3b. Charles Francis Arundell (b. 1803; d. 6 Dec 1876)

4b. Reinfric Edwards Arundell (b. 1805; d. 21 Feb 1877)

5b. William Edward Arundell, 

served in the Austrian army

6b. Matthew Arundell (dvp. young)

1b. Mary Christina Arundell (d. 21 Nov 1872), 

mar. 8 Feb 1820 John Hussey, of Nash Court, co. 

Dorset, and had issue

2b. Blanche Appollonia Arundell (d. 20 Dec 1875), 

mar. 16 Jul 1822 Edmund de Pentheny O'Kelly (d. 

10 Apr 1859), and had issue

3b. Eleanora Arundell (dsp. 12 May 1878), mar. 27 Dec 

1818 Samuel B de Lisle Hayes (dsp. 1 May 1857), 1st son

 of Samuel de Lisle Hayes, of Barrettston, Queen's County

1a. Eleanor Anne Arundell (d. unm.)

2a. Mary Wyndham Arundell (b. 1757; d. 22 Feb 1832), mar.

 9 Mar 1779 Hon Bartholomew Bouverie MP (b. 29 Oct 1753; 

d. 31 May 1835), 2nd son of William [Bouverie], 1st Earl 

of Radnor, by his second wife Rebecca Alleyne, 2nd dau. 

of John Alleyne, of Barbados, and had issue

3a. Katherine Elizabeth Arundell (b. 1759; d. 1803), 

mar. 3 Jan 1792 Admiral George Frederick Ryves, 

and had issue

mar. (2) after 18 Jan 1728/9 Lady Anne Herbert (dsp. 

2 Oct 1757), 2nd dau. of William [Herbert], 2nd Marquess

 of Powis, by his wife Mary Preston, 1st surv. dau. and 

cohrss. of Sir Thomas Preston, 3rd Bt., of Furness Abbey,

 co. Lancaster died 30 Jun 1746, suc. by son by first wife

Henry [Arundell], 7th Baron Arundell of Wardour

 4th Oct 1717

mar. 27 Jan 1738/9 Mary Bellings-Arundell (b. 1718; d. 21 

Feb 1769), 2nd dau. and eventual sole heir of Richard Bellings

 later Bellings-Arundel, of Lanherne, co. Cornwall (by his wife

 Anne Gage, dau. of Joseph Gage, of Sherborne, co. Oxford), son

 of Sir Richard Bellings by his wife Frances Arundell, dau. and

 hrss. of Sir John Arundell, of Lanherne, co. Cornwall  only child

1. Hon Henry Arundell, later 8th Baron Arundell of Wardour

died 12 Sep 1756, suc. by son

Henry [Arundell], 8th Baron Arundell of Wardour

born 31 Mar 1740

mar. 31 May 1763 Mary Christina Conquest (b. c. 1743; 

d. 20 Jun 1813), only dau. and hrss. of Benedict Conquest,

 of Irnham Hall, co. Lincoln, by his wife Mary Ursula Markham,

 dau. of Thomas Markham, of Ollerton, co. Nottingham


1. Hon Mary Christina Arundell (b. 10 Aug 1764; d. 14 Feb

 1805), mar. 3 Feb 1785 as his first wife her cousin once 

removed James Everard [Arundell], 9th Baron Arundell of 

Wardour, and had issue


2. Hon Eleanor Mary Arundell (b. 20 Mar 1766; d. 24

Nov 1835), mar. 29 Nov 1786 Charles [Clifford], 6th

Baron  Clifford of Chudleigh, and had issue

died s.p.m. 4 Dec 1808, suc. by cousin

note: rebuilt Wardour Castle

James Everard [Arundell], 

9th Baron Arundell of Wardour

born 4 Mar 1763

mar. (1) 3 Feb 1785 his cousin once removed Hon Mary 

Christina Arundell (b. 10 Aug 1764; d. 14 Feb 1805), 

1st surv. dau. and cohrss. of Henry [Arundell], 8th 

Baron Arundell of Wardour, by his wife Mary Christina 

Conquest, only dau. and hrss. of Benedict Conquest, 

of Irnham Hall, co. Lincoln

children by first wife

1. Hon James Everard Arundell, later 

10th Baron Arundell of Wardour

2. Hon Henry Benedict Arundell, later 

11th Baron Arundell of Wardour

1. Hon Anna Maria Arundell (d. 14 Mar 1829)

2. Hon Mary Laura Charlotte Arundell (b. 1789; d. 1854), 

mar. 18 Apr 1820 Lt Col George Macdonell CB (d. 16 May 1870)

3. Hon Juliana Mary Arundell (b. 1791; d. 18 Dec 1843), mar.

 17 Oct 1815 Admiral Hon Sir John Talbot GCB (b. 1768; d. 7 

Jul 1851), 3rd son of Col Richard Talbot, of Malahide Castle,

 co. Dublin, by his wife Margaret O'Reilly, suo jure Baroness 

Talbot of Malahide, and had issue

4. Hon Katherine Arundell (d. 12 Dec 1872), mar. 26 Jun 1827 

Sir Edward Tichborne later Doughty, 9th Bt., of Tichborne Park,

 co. Hampshire, and Snarford Hall, co. Lincoln, and had issue

mar. (2) 18 Sep 1806 Mary Burnett Jones (d. 19 Nov 1853), 3rd

 dau. of Robert Burnett Jones, of Ades, co. Sussex, Attorney-

General of Barbados, by his wife Elizabeth Susannah Estwicke,

 dau. of Samuel Estwicke, of Barbados

children by second wife

3. Hon Henry Arundell (b. 24 Jul 1811; d. 1857), mar. 30 Oct

 1832 Elizabeth Esdaile, dau. of Joseph Esdaile, and had issue:

1a. Rudolphus James Everard Arundell (b. 1825; dvp. 1841)

4. Capt Hon Robert Arthur Arundell (b. 24 Aug 1815; d. 16 Apr 

1886), mar. (1) 8 Aug 1837 Elizabeth Louisa Jones (d. 6 Jul 

1864), only dau. of Rev John Jones, Vicar of Burley-on-the-Hill,

 and had issue:

1a. Edith Mary Dottina Arundell (d. 3 Jan 1920)

2a. Louisa Alice Arundell (dsp. 27 Feb 1898), mar. 28 Apr 

1863 as his first wife Col Robert Edward Stuart Harington 

later Harington-Stuart, of Torrance, East Kilbride, co. 

Lanark(b. 9 Nov 1834; dsp. 274 Dec 1911). 1st son of Maj 

Robert Harington by his wife Charlotte Stuart, yst. dau. 

of Andrew Stuart, of Castlemilk and Torrance, co. Lanark

3a. Aeddan Arundell (d. 2 Jan 1899), mar. 2 Jun 1874 

Capt Arthur Bampton Donnithorne (d. 1885), and had issue

Capt Hon Robert Arundell mar. (2) 17 Feb 1870 Charlotte 

Stuart Parkin, dau. of Capt Harold Parkin RN, Inspector 

of Hospitals and Fleets, by his wife Sarah Pollard, only

 child of John Pollard, and had further issue:

4a. Mabile Mary Arundell (b. 15 Dec 1875; d. 20 Sep 1842),

 mar. 23 Jun 1898 her first half-cousin once removed Reginald

 Aloysius Talbot, of Uplyme, co. Devon, and Tullamaar, 

Perranwell, co. Cornwall (b. Jul 1870; d. 19 May 1922), 3rd

 son of John Reginald Francis George Talbot, of Rhode Hill,

 Lyme Regis, co. Dorset (by his wife Sarah Eliza Jones, dau.

 of Rev David Jones, Rector of Panteague and Tredunnock, co. 

Monmouth), 1st son and heir of Admiral Hon Sir John Talbot GCB

 (by his wife Hon Juliana Mary Arundel, 3rd dau. by his first 

wife of James Everard [Arundell], 9th Baron Arundell of Wardour),

 3rd son of Col Richard Talbot, of Malahide Castle, co. Dublin,

 by his wife Margaret O'Reilly, suo jure Baroness Talbot of 

Malahide, and had issue

5a. Katherine Mary Arundell (b. 14 Dec 1876)

5. Hon Mary Arundell (d. 30 Aug 1849), mar. 7 Aug 1828 

Sir Richard Digby Neave, 3rd Bt., of Dagnam Park, co. 

Essex, and had issue died 14 Jul 1817, suc. by son by first wife

James Everard [Arundell], 10th 

Baron Arundell of Wardour

born 3 Nov 1785

mar. 26 Feb 1811 Lady Mary Anne Nugent-Temple-Grenville

 (b. 8 Jul 1787; d. 1 Jun 1845), only dau. of George 

[Grenville later Nugent-Temple-Grenville], 1st Marquess

 of Buckingham, by his wife Lady Mary Elizabeth Nugent, 

suo jure Baroness Nugent, 1st dau. and cohrss. by his 

third wife of Robert [Nugent], 1st Earl Nugent

died s.p. 21 Jun 1834, suc. by brother

Henry Benedict [Arundell], 11th Baron Arundell of Wardour

born 12 Nov 1804

mar. (1) 8 Aug 1826 Lucy Smythe (dsp. 22 Feb 1827), 

only child of Hugh Philip Smythe, of Acton Burnell, 

co. Salop, by his wife Lucy Sulyarde, 2nd dau. of 

Edward Sulyarde, of Haughley Park, co. Suffolk

mar. (2) 22 Sep 1829 Francis Catherine Tichborne (b. 

18 Mar 1809; d. 19 Apr 1836), 2nd dau. of Sir Henry 

Joseph Tichborne, 8th Bt., of Tichborne Park, co. 

Hampshire, by his wife Anne Burke, 4th dau. of Sir 

Thomas Burke, 1st Bt., of Marble Hill, co. Galway

children by second wife

1. Hon John Francis Arundell, later 

12th Baron Arundell of Wardour

2. Father Hon Everard Aloysius Gonzaga Arundell, 

later 13th Baron Arundell of Wardour

mar. (3) 19 Jun 1838 Hon Theresa Stourton (b. 21 Mar 1812;

 d. 26 Oct 1878), 5th dau. of William Joseph [Stourton], 

18th Baron Stourton, by his wife Catharine Winifred Weld, 

dau. of Thomas Weld, of Lulworth Castle, co. Dorset

children by third wife

3. Hon Thomas Arundell (b. 27 May 

1839; dvp. 12 Apr 1840)

4. Lt Hon Edward Ignatius Arundell 

(b. 20 Dec 1842; d. 31 Jan 1896)

1. Hon Theresa Mary Arundell (d. 17 Sep 1895), mar. 

(1) 17 Apr 1861 Sir Alfred Doughty-Tichborne, 11th Bt.,

 of Tichborne Park, co. Hampshire, and (2) 24 Feb 1873 

Capt Henry Lamplugh Wickham, and had issue by her first 


2. Hon Cecily Mary Arundell, a nun (d. Sep 1925)

3. Hon Gertrude Mary Arundell (d. 28 Feb 1929)

died 19 Oct 1862, suc. by son by second wife

John Francis [Arundell], 12th Baron Arundell of Wardour

born 28 Dec 1831

mar. 13 Oct 1862 Anne Lucy Errington (b. 22 Oct 1842; 

d. 24 Oct 1934), dau. of John Errington, of High Warden,

 co. Northumberland, by his first wife Anne Mary Eyre, 

3rd dau. of Vincent Henry Eyre, of Highfield, co. Derby

died s.p. 26 Oct 1906, suc. by brother

Everard Aloysius Gonzaga [Arundell], 

13th Baron Arundell of Wardour

born 6 Sep 1834, died 11 Jul 1907

suc. by second cousin once removed

note ordained a Roman Catholic priest 1862

Edgar Clifford [Arundell], 14th 

Baron Arundell of Wardour

born 20 Dec 1859

mar. 28 Nov 1895 Ellen Elizabeth Evans (widow of J 

Melbourne Evans; d. 22 Jul 1935), dau. of John Thatcher

died s.p. 8 Dec 1921, suc. by brother

Gerald Arthur [Arundell], 15th 

Baron Arundell of Wardour

born 11 Dec 1861

mar. 9 Jan 1906 Ivy Florence Mary 

Segrave, dau. of Capt W F Segrave


1. Hon John Francis Arundell, later 

16th Baron Arundell of Wardour

1. Hon Blanche Mary Arundell (b. 5 Dec 1908), mar. 11 Jan 

1935 (div. 1954) as his first wife (Ninian) John Frederick 

Hanbury-Tracy (b. 7 Dec 1910;  dspm. 25 Jun 1971), 2nd son 

of Lt Hon Felix Charles Hubert Hanbury-Tracy (by his wife 

Madeleine Llewellyn Palmer, only dau. of Brig Gen George 

Llewellyn Palmer CB, of Lackham, Lacock, co. Wiltshire), 

3rd son of Charles Douglas Richard [Hanbury-Tracy], 4th 

Baron Sudeley, by his wife Ada Maria Katherine Talmash (b.

 21 Jun 1848; d. 6 Jan 1928), only surv. dau. of Hon 

Frederick James Talmash MP (by his second wife Isabella 

Anne Forbes, dau. of George Gordon Forbes, of Ham Common, 

co. Surrey), younger brother of Lionel William John 

[Talmash later Tollemache], 8th Earl of Dysart, and 5th 

son of Hon Sir William Manners later Talmash, 1st Bt. 

styled Lord Huntingtower, and had issue

2. Hon Mary Isabella Arundell (b. 3 Feb 1913), 

mar. 31 Jan 1935 A/Cdre T P F Fagan, and had issue

died 30 Mar 1939. suc. by son

John Francis [Arundell], 16th 

Baron Arundell of Wardour

born 18 Jun 1907, died 25 Sep 1944

note: killed in action, on the death of the 16th

and last Baron Arundell of Wardour of the Barony 

of Arundell Wardour became extinct.  

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